Better than doing a rain dance

I've decided that scheduling a yard sale and running an ad in the paper for two days in a row is better than doing a rain dance. We haven't had rain in what seems like 400 years and now that we've finally decided to have our yard sale, the forecast is rain.

My live-in meteorologist says the showers won't come until late afternoon...we'll see.

By the way, a lady on down the street that we don't know called hubby today (by the number in the paper) and she said, "I'm having a yard sale too and my ad was miniscule compared to yours and I think ya'll will get alot more people than me, do you mind if I come put a sign in your yard to direct people to come on down to my yard sale?"

Ummm...excuse me? Now, we do know a thing or two about Southern Hospitality and try to practice it often, but come on lady! We PAID for that big 'ole ad and you want to piggy-back on our yard sale?!

I don't think so.

We'll see how we make out tomorrow. Lots of junk and hopefully lots of junk-seekers.

6 sweet friends had to say...:

NspiredByFaith said...

I know the feeling! We are having a birthday party in the park on Sunday afternoon because I really just don't have the time to do party prep, get ready for VBS AND clean my disaster of a house this weekend! And the forcast is rain!

I hope you guys have a great turn out for the yard sale!

Penless Thoughts said...

Are you selling flip-flops!!he he :o) Hope you sell a lot.

Jungle Mom said...

Rain, rain go away! I just did the Ye'kwana rain dance for you! it involves waving a stick in the air to "cut" the rain...and, NO I am not making this up.

Lizard Princess said...

Elijah was a guy just like us and he prayed for no rain and it didn't rain for three years!
Just an idea- don't over-do it though- your neighbors might not like it- LOL!

violetlady said...

I am planning a yard sale in a few weeks. Guess I better start dancing.
I don't think we have any Walgreens around here, but I will check for the flip-flops.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I kinda did the same thing this weekend. I was in charge of an outdoor family picnic for Sunday School. The big joke has been that it will certainly bring rain. However, we had lots of sun and fun!

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