Ask and ye shall receive!

Wow! I'm making up for lost time with 2 posts in one day! Jean mentioned in her comment that she wished she could hear them. Well, here ya go! Here are two videos of the jazz band. I didn't video the concert band (with my digital camera) because it was eating up so much of my memory card. Check out that cute alto sax player with those awesome solos!

Coming up for air...

Yes, I'm still here! I did make it back from the Disney trip and hit the ground running full speed! I thought I would post quickly while the "house" is still quiet this morning and before I get busy on my lengthy "to do" list.

We had a fantastic trip to Disney! It was well-planned (if I do say so myself!) and our itinerary was scheduled down to the minute and everything was great!

Here are some pictures...

Each morning we had a buffet breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Here is Gary with a "rasta" hat on with dreadlocks...
Here are some of our kids waiting on the Rainforest Cafe to open for breakfast. Jackson is going to be the new Drum Major next year.
The first day we went to Magic Kingdom. Look at how gorgeous the weather was...and look at how CROWDED the park was!
We rode some rides with the kids. Here we are on Thunder Mountain and I was in the front seat with another girl taking pictures the entire ride. Gary kept hollering at me to put the camera down before I lost it!

After Magic Kingdom, we had dinner reservations at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. It was great food and great service. Here are some of our kids...
Then we loaded the busses and went back to the Magic Kingdom for their "Wishes" nighttime fireworks spectacular. It was great...but so crowded!
Here are the Seniors making a "senior train" to keep from losing each other as they made their way back thru the crowds to the busses. This group of kids have been together in the band since 6th grade and are a very close-knit group. (that's Zack in the red shirt).

The next day we went to Epcot (Gary and I). The kids could choose whatever parks they wanted to go to each day, so it was pretty relaxed not having to keep 112 people together! Gary and I wanted to ride "Test Track" and "Soarin" at Epcot. Here he is in front of the sign that says "Dummy Assembly" (you can probably click it and see it better).

Here is Zack (left) and some of his friends at Epcot.
The next day, Gary and I decided to go to MGM/Hollywood Studios since he had never been. I tried to make the picture look like the big hat was on Gary's head, but it didn't turn out too well!

I was determined to get him on the Tower of Terror! Look at his scared little face! We had a great time!
Here we are having lunch. I am STILL on my water!!! No sodas now for about a month!
...but then I did have this...
...and he had this...

and then the whole group met at MGM/Hollywood Studios for the Fantasmic show. Oh my word! It was the first time we had seen it and it was INCREDIBLE! Best fireworks/show at Disney in my opinion!
We had done all the other parks (Magic Kingdom, MGM, Epcot) and even though we had wanted to go to Animal Kingdom, on the last day we were just wiped out! We got up and did a little shopping at Downtown Disney and thought we would just take it easy the rest of the day until the Awards Ceremony. But Zack kept texting me telling me we HAD to come to Animal Kingdom and at least see the Lion King show. So, we headed that way and I'm so glad we did!

Here is the "Tree of Life" in the center of the park. Again, look at the gorgeous sky!

Here we are on "Everest". This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE RIDE! It was awesome! I was taking pictures throughout the ride! We ended up riding it three times. Here the "yetti" supposedly ripped apart the track...we go right up to it and then the ride starts going backwards and then reverses and goes forward on a different track! It was awesome!

Here are Zack and his friends on the ride. If you enlarge it, you may be able to see him in the white shirt almost at the back on the left side (his friend Brandon is behind him also in a white shirt, with his hands raised up in the air).

And Zack was right...the Lion King show was spectacular!

Here are some pictures of our groups performing. This one is the jazz band. Zack is the 2nd from the left on the front row (alto sax).

Here is our Color Guard. They performed at the Indiana Jones theater at MGM.

Here is our concert band.

This is us on the last day waiting at the awards ceremony--looking a little hot, sweaty, and tired!

Here is our Band Director and Color Guard Coordinator receiving awards.

Here is the group of Seniors with the awards.

Y'all...I don't know how many of you are familiar with competitions, but all three of our groups SWEPT "Best in Class" awards for each of our divisions! I was boo-hooing! They all did an awesome job and the awards were the icing on the cake!

I'm still crazy busy getting ready for our band concert Monday evening, planning the end-of-the-year banquet for about 400 people Thursday evening, family comes in town Friday and then Graduation is on Sunday (18th).

I feel like I'm swirling around in an EMOTIONAL VORTEX!!! We have been with these band kids since Zack was in 6th grade, and now we are moving on and inducting new presidents Monday evening at the concert. I love each one of these kids like they are all my children. I'm going to miss them so much.

Then Graduation is a few days later. I've been crying all week! I told Gary last night that maybe I'll cry all my tears out before Graduation...he said, "ummm, yeah, I don't think so."

Jr./Sr. prom is tonight. I will take lots of pictures and post some of that and Graduation as soon as I can take a moment to breathe. I miss y'all and hope each of you are doing well. I haven't had any time to read blogs, but just know I'm thinking about ya! Oh yeah, and my heel...doing MUCH better since I got the shot! I highly recommend it!
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