She IS human after all!

If ya'll don't regularly read Beth Moore's blog, you've got to go check this out. Her post today is HILARIOUS and something we can all relate to!

The Quest

Ya'll, I am not kidding when I say that once I get my mind set on something, I cannot. let. it. go! Sometimes my blind obsession blurs the ever faint line of logic and reasoning. Last night, after we grilled out and had the most delicious meal, we decided to go run some errands. My mom had "surprised" us by coming in town Sunday afternoon, so this past weekend was filled with shopping and eating and eating and more shopping...and so on and so on.

Anyway, as we ventured out I told my mom that I wanted to run by Walgreens because my friend Tonja was aiding and abetting my quest for the cutest! flip-flops! ever! and told me that I just had to check out the ones from Walgreens. I don't normally shop at Walgreens, I'm a CVS girl for all my pharmaceutical products, but on the advice of one flip-flop fanatic to another, I decided to go.

Oh my word. I thought I died and gone to flip-flop heaven. Girlfriend was right in saying they had the cutest flip-flops with Hawaiian type flowers, bright colors, etc. all for under $5.99! I had on a brightly colored multi-patterned shirt and found flip-flops that just looked too cute!

Look, ya'll, I'm not kidding. Check this out...

See. What'd I tell ya. I told Hubby that I could not. pass. them. up! They were made for this shirt with some cute black capris and all this brightly colored busyness going on. They were calling out to me from the land of freshly manicured feet and bright orange toenails!

But here's the ridiculous part. I went to every Walgreens within a 20 mile radius looking for my size. Yes, gas is $3.09 a gallon, but I was determined I was getting these $5.99 flip-flops, because a) they were so doggone cute and matched my shirt so well, and b) because they were $5.99!

I still didn't find my size. I need a "medium" and had to settle for a "large" but I have not taken the tags off yet. I'm putting out an A.P.B. (All Peeps in Bloggerville) to B.O.L.O. (be on the lookout) for these in a medium.

Mom's heading back to Atlanta in the morning and she's gonna check out all the Walgreens in her area. It's a nationwide search. Yep, that's how important it is when a girl and a shoe fall in love.

Kick-off to the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

Friday evening the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra hosted it's annual Pops Concert on the steps of the Archives and History Building. This is a free concert and crowds of people come out and bring blankets, lawn chairs, picnic dinners, etc. and enjoy the music. It was a beautiful evening and we had a great time. Hubby plays cello in the symphony, so I enjoyed the evening with friends and a yummy dinner. Here are some photos and some video clips that I uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

Let's not forget the sacrifices of all those brave men and women who fight for the very freedom under which we live. Let us never take it for granted.

Me and hubby always have to take a "goober" picture of ourselves!

This is the side of the capitol, which was directly behind me and across the street. The crowds are starting to fill up...

This is how it was about the time the concert started...

This is the mayor welcoming everyone to the concert and maestro is in the blue shirt...

The concert begins...

This is the view from our "seats"...perfect view, great music, wonderful evening!

I kept taking pictures because as the sun went down, the lighting kept changing on the building and I just loved it...

Our citronella candles to keep the bugs away...and my neon orange toes!

Again, more pictures of the same...
This is the side of the capitol at dusk...
See below for video clips of the concert. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day holiday!
Edited to add: I deleted the "youtube" video clips because it was messing up my template. If you are interested in hearing the symphony, you can go to the above named web site and type in Montgomery Symphony and it will bring up the videos I posted.

Flip Flop Fettish

My name is Tracey and I'm addicted to flip-flops.

No matter where we shop I gravitate to the shoe department to see what fun and cutesy flip-flops I can find. Hubby always says, "don't you have ENOUGH flip-flops already?!" To which I reply, "a girl can never have too many flip-flops, plus can you buy shoes for six bucks or less? Yeah, that's what I thought."

These are just a few I pulled out of my closet. Some are old and worn, but tend to be the most comfortable. Some are cute but uncomfortable, like the ones with the rhinestones, but I love them all!

If it's summertime, you'll find me in flip-flops. Plus, it's a great excuse to have frequent pedicures!

A Revelation and a that order!

Last night hubby was at Symphony rehearsal and Zack was out with friends. I decided I would warm up some leftovers, grab my new Paula Deen It Ain't All About the Cooking book that my friend, Jackie, gave me and just enjoy my quiet dinner while reading. So, there I sat. Book in one hand, fork in the other. Life is good.

Except for one problem. Every time I leaned forward to take a bite, the words on the page got so blurry that I could. not. read. them! I thought, "WHAT in the WORLD?" Surely this is not happening! I kept doing it, and blinking, thinking that would help, and then got to laughing. I'm 40. Forty.

The Revelation: I'm old. My eyes are going.

Next thing I know, I'll keep repeating myself.

Next thing I know, I'll keep repeating myself.

Ahhhh, yes. The joys of aging. As hubby always says, "beats the alternative!"
Today we got some fantastic news! Preacher and Administrator asked to have breakfast with hubby this morning. They've asked him to be on staff at the church FULL time instead of part time at the church and full time at the school. This is a definite answer to prayer! A new beginning...and no more students! God is good. We just have to get out of His way and let Him work!

He makes me melt like "buh-tah"

Today is our anniversary! It's been 7 years and let me tell ya'll, there is no "itch" here other than to spend more time together. It's a wonderful thing when your hubby is also your best friend. These have been the best 7 years of my life and continue to get better.

My hubby can make the stresses and cares of the world go away with just one hug. He is my eternal optimist, my glass half full, my encourager, my defender, my cheerleader, my confidant, my advisor, my spiritual leader, my lover and my best friend. He can wink at me from across the room and make my heart skip a beat. He is the most joyful, easy-going person I have ever known. He laughs all the time at my goofiness and silliness and leads me to believe I'm funny! He loves me so selflessly and unconditionally.

I am so blessed my broken road led me to this wonderful, godly man who has absolutely completed my life. I love you, hon, Happy Anniversary!

A Week Behind on my MEME!

I was tagged twice a little over a week ago by my friends, Krista and Tracy to do this fun little "meme" listing 7 random or unusual facts or habits about myself. Gosh, do I have to narrow it down to seven? I am quite a quirky thing, so here goes...

1. I have to build a "fort" when I go to sleep. For one thing, I have to have at least one foot out from under the covers or I start freaking out and feeling trapped. Then I have a pillow between my knees due to a bad back, one behind my back for support, I hold two more pillows and sleep on one. Sometimes hubby kids me that my fort rivals that of Fort Knox!

2. I tend to be a smidge O.C.D. (okay, maybe more than a smidge). The motto I live by is this, "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!" I would make any Girl Scout proud because I am always prepared! I plan, overplan and then plan some more! I even watch shows like "Worst Case Scenario" so I'll know what to do. My hubby laughs at me and I just say, "laugh all you want, but in a tragedy or emergency, I'll be prepared and you'll be, well...not!" I do things like roll the windows down when I cross a bridge over water...that way if something happens and my car catapults off the bridge, I won't have to waste time or possibly encounter the problem of say...drowning, because I can't get the windows down! Yeah, neurotic, I know. But, it's a gift!

3. I love to cook and hate when I get too busy or too tired to cook. There's nothing like sitting around the dinner table with the two guys I love and discussing our day. I don't cook healthy stuff, I cook Paula Deen kind of stuff! If it doesn't require a stick of butter, then ya'll, I just can't cook it! I even make spaghetti sauce from scratch (no jar or mixes here). I've got mama's secret recipe and let me tell ya'll, it's the best ever!

4. Clowns and ventriloquists freak me out. Enough said.

5. I like cereal but I hate milk. I pour just enough milk in to get the cereal "wet" and then I pour the milk out and eat the cereal. Along the same lines, I prefer sweet at breakfast, not salty. My treat each Saturday morning is chocolate chip pecan pancakes. Hubby would prefer grits, eggs and bacon. No thanks!

6. I'm a Drama Queen and I wear it proudly. I was blessed to receive the gift of exaggeration from my Dad! If you tied my hands behind my back, I wouldn't be able to talk. I have to act things out---it runs in the family---plus, we're Italian, got a problem with that? I talk alot. Hubby once blammed me for him missing a turn when we were on a trip, which in turn caused him to get a ticket for speeding all because I was "flapping my gums"...yes, you read right. He said that and then apologized after he picked himself up off the ground. (Just kidding ya'll! I didn't hurt him...I just didn't talk the next hour...AT ALL. You know, come to think of it, that hurt me more than it hurt him!)

7. I'm a laundry fanatic. I'm always doing laundry. Plus, I have a teenager that changes clothes a dozen times a day and thinks something should go in the dirty clothes even if he's only worn it an hour or two. I'll be teaching him to do laundry this summer. By the way, a nifty little tip is to put dryer sheets in your trash cans and also under the seats of your car and everything smells so fresh!

8. I'm a rule breaker. See, I listed more than 7. Don't fence me in! If you try, I'll just stampede!

Sorry I was so behind on this! I want all my bloggy friends to do this, so if you see your site listed over there...yeah, to your right, that means YOU, so get busy!

Aloha and Good Night!

What a fun evening! We ended up having almost 340 people there! My handsome Zack got an award for Drum Major and also most outstanding Junior. He makes my heart swell with pride... and tears! He's growing up too fast!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Me and Mr. Crabby

This is my dear, sweet friend, Jackie (and her hubby) who has been our Special Events Coordinator for two years now. She MAKES THIS ALL HAPPEN! I am so sad her daughter is graduating this year and she won't be around. Jackie Sue...I already miss you!

This is my son, Zack, and my other "son" Daniel. They thought it would be funny to make it look like a prison photo. These two are not right!

This is Zack's "friend" Sara Beth. Isn't she precious?!

I loved the way all the kids got into the theme!

Yes, Mr. Crabby even wore his hat on stage!

My handsome fella. I'm so proud of him!

It was a great night and everyone had alot of fun---I'm glad it's over and school's almost out!

Everybody Limbo!

I have been up to my chin in Luau stuff (I wanted to say coconuts, but that wouldn't be very lady like, now would it?!) We are having a Hawaiian Luau for our end-of-the-year Band Banquet tonight and I'm drowning in hibiscus! My good friend, Jackie, is our Band's Special Events Coordinator, and let me tell ya'll, she knows how to throw a party!

We decorated last night and it looks wonderful. We even have some Hawaiian music and a limbo stick. So, come on, put on your best hawaiian attire and come join us!

Oh well, wish you could....but I'm gonna take lots of pictures so fix yourself a frozen treat and dream of Hawaii! Maybe I'll even get a photo of Mr. Crabby (that would be hubby)...yes, I bought a crab hat for him and he was all to quick to put it on too!

If You See Me Asking a Whale for Directions...

please, stop me!

In all the years I've been in real estate, I've had some of the craziest experiences. Things we studied in textbooks that we never thought would really happen to any of us, pretty much have found their way my direction. I don't believe in "luck", but my friend, Liz, says I have the worst "luck" when it comes to situations involving real estate. I'm beginning to wonder if she's right.

Last night, I had to call my sister to let her know that her "reign" has ended and I was taking up residence on the throne that sits under the black cloud. We both laughed and she said very hesitantly, "Tracey, ummm, do you ever think...that, maybe...ummm, God is...trying to lead you in a different...ummm...direction?"

To which I quickly responded, "Ummm, NO! Have you seen a whale spew me out of it's mouth yet???"

Ahhh, yes. Disturbia on so many levels. Yep, that's my world!

Band dedicates Spring Concert to Katie

Last night (on top of everything else) was our school's Spring Band Concert. It was dedicated in memory of Katie, who died in the Enterprise tornado. We collected money to help with the rebuilding of the Enterprise High School band building. We had a great turn-out and collected over $1000.

I sent out press releases (Gary and I are Band Booster Presidents) and here is the coverage that was on the may have to scroll down the side of the "video" box until you see A.C.A. Host Benefit Concert that looks like the picture above. There will be a short "commercial" at the beginning of the video, but then an interview with our Band Director, some students and some clips of the concert.

Update: my client passed away this afternoon. Lots of decisions in the next couple of days. Please keep this family in your prayers.

It was Monday all day...and again today...

What a stressful Monday! Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. My "real" job is Real Estate, but I also help out part time (3 days a week) in the Guidance Office at my son's school. Yesterday was a busy day getting ready for the Awards Ceremony today. Certificates, totalling Senior scholarships, etc. Then, I had to go present an offer that I received on a listing on Sunday afternoon. Yea! (you would think...) but the problem was, I had to go to the hospital and present it to the seller, who is in ICU with very restricted visiting hours.

I am not the kind of Realtor that doesn't get personally involved. I care about my clients, and some of them end up being good friends. This dear lady in particular holds a very special place in my heart. She has had such a difficult time with health problems and going through a divorce.

I was alarmed when I saw her, but couldn't show it. The ventilator covered almost her entire face and was pumping oxygen loudly and quickly into her lungs. I squeezed her hand and told her we finally had an offer on her house. A single tear spilled down her cheek. I took some tissue and wiped it away, while blinking back my own tears.

Obviously, she was unable to deal with any sort of offer or counteroffer. I just wanted her to know that we had finally reached our goal. She was relieved. I told her she needed to see this thing through with me and be sitting with me at the closing table. She smiled.

I left the room and discussed Power of Attorney and Right of Survivorship with the family. I assured them we were in no hurry and their focus had to be on her health right now and this other issue would take care of itself in due time. As we exchanged hugs and shed tears, I let them know they would all be in my prayers.

I fell apart in the elevator. A sweet lady asked me if I was okay and offered me a tissue. Hubby didn't go to Symphony rehearsal so I could come home and "unload" all this weepy mess on him.

This morning I received a call from the brother-in-law. The doctors say she probably won't live through the day. I have so much on my "plate" right now, but my heart is breaking and my thoughts are consumed with this family.

Please say a prayer...

Feeding the Snake...

This article written by my friend, Lisa (The Preacher's Wife) is an absolute MUST read! Go check it!

Why are you still here? Quit reading this and go HERE now! You won't be sorry!

You Might Be a Redneck...

This afternoon we decided to go to Birmingham to do some shopping. Birmingham is only a little over an hour from us, so we usually will go there if we want to do any major shopping other than the Parisian and Dillard's we have here in Montgomery.

It was getting to be about 4:30 p.m. and we hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we decided to head over to The Summit to eat at one of our favorites, The Cheesecake Factory. We enjoyed a nice dinner on the patio and ate WAY! TOO! MUCH! FOOD! It was so yummy and the portions there are so H-U-G-E that we were not about to let all that food (about half our plates) go to waste. The waitress brought us some "to go" boxes and a nice little Cheesecake Factory shopping bag and we were on our way.

Now the dilemma...we have all this wonderful food (mine was a huge salad, Gary had pork tenderloin and Zack had buffalo wings) and we still had some shopping to do. We certainly couldn't leave it in the car.

So, being the clever little genius that I am (and humble too! ha!), I said to Gary, "hey! Let's run to a convenience store, get one of those styrofoam coolers and a bag of ice and pack up our food." Okay, sounds like a plan.

A few minutes later, I see my hubby (the reverend) coming out of the convenience store with this styrofoam cooler...

It was all they had. The look on his face was priceless.

You might be a redneck if you pack up your "to go" food in a styrofoam Coors Light cooler.

Maybe we'll leave it in his trunk for future use---just in case!

Chick Magnet

I'm way behind in posting pictures from Zack's prom--it was April 21st and I'm just getting around to downloading the pictures from the digital camera. Remember when we used to use film and we couldn't wait to take it to the 1-hour photo to get it developed?! Sometimes I miss those days! I end up keeping hundreds of photos on my computer or on a CD and never get them printed.

Here are just a few of the tons of photos I took...but I wasn't the only one! You should have seen all the parents there...we looked like paparazzi!

It's only a stomach bug, not brain surgery!


Late last night I started feeling icky and have my hubby to thank for passing along a wonderful stomach "bug" that he had over the weekend. I've been up and down all night and feeling rotten this morning...but every few minutes my thoughts turn toward Heather who is facing something much more serious than a little 'ole stomach bug today.

Heather is having brain surgery to remove a tumor. This young girl has already had to endure much more than anyone should have to go through with her daughter, Emma Grace. Now she faces a mountain of her own. Please remember to keep her in your prayers.

A few weeks ago Boomama spearheaded a campaign to show Heather some "love" and we internets raised over $18,000. It just goes to show what the LORD can do through each of us if we are just obedient with the little things He asks us to do.

I've been keeping up with Heather (originally from Boomama's site), but you can also go directly to Heather's site and see the most amazing FAITH in ACTION. God is EVIDENT in this girl's life and demonstrated through her courage.

Keep her in your prayers today.

7:03 p.m. C.T. - Updated: Heather is out of surgery and can move her arms and legs, but is still under some heavy anesthesia. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Check her site for the latest updates.

A Simply "Maaahhhvelous" Time and a Handbag Tag to boot!

Last night was the final performance of the 2007 season of the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra. I was rubbing elbows with the "Montgom-reh" society and simply had a mahhhvelous time!

Yuqing Meng (also known as "Damon"...isn't that funny? I've often wondered how they choose their "American" names), ahh, yes, where was I? Oh yeah, this guy is an incredible pianist and he is only 16 years old! He began studying piano at age 4, and entered Juilliard (the Pre-College Division), yes, you read correctly, JUILLIARD at age 7! His resume already reads more than most of us will ever do in a lifetime. He is on his way to becoming a world-class musician. If you ever hear of him in your area, do not miss the opportunity to see him perform. I was in awe!

And to top it off, I was tagged by my friends, Lisa (The Preacher's Wife) and Dianne (Glasses of Grace) for the handbag tag. I'm one of those people that changes handbags daily according to the "outfit", so it doesn't usually get too messy.

Today I'm carrying one of my favorite Spring handbags and herein lie the contents....

A girl can never have too much lip therapy, warm vanilla sugar hand cream, business cards, name tag, Sweet & Salty Peanut Granola Bar (never know when I might need a snack), flosser, band-aid (a good mama always has bandaids!), worn-out wallet, and my cell phone, my livelihood and link to the outside world!

I've got LOTS more things to post in the upcoming days...Zack's pictures from prom; pictures from the weekend with my mom (I forgot my camera, so I've got to talk her through uploading them from hers, emailing them to me, etc.); Stan the FREAKY bug man; My hubby, the Comfort Guage; Don't Call the Fire Department, That's Just My Thighs; and lots more from this crazy household we call home!

Too busy right now...have a wonderful day!
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