A Week Behind on my MEME!

I was tagged twice a little over a week ago by my friends, Krista and Tracy to do this fun little "meme" listing 7 random or unusual facts or habits about myself. Gosh, do I have to narrow it down to seven? I am quite a quirky thing, so here goes...

1. I have to build a "fort" when I go to sleep. For one thing, I have to have at least one foot out from under the covers or I start freaking out and feeling trapped. Then I have a pillow between my knees due to a bad back, one behind my back for support, I hold two more pillows and sleep on one. Sometimes hubby kids me that my fort rivals that of Fort Knox!

2. I tend to be a smidge O.C.D. (okay, maybe more than a smidge). The motto I live by is this, "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!" I would make any Girl Scout proud because I am always prepared! I plan, overplan and then plan some more! I even watch shows like "Worst Case Scenario" so I'll know what to do. My hubby laughs at me and I just say, "laugh all you want, but in a tragedy or emergency, I'll be prepared and you'll be, well...not!" I do things like roll the windows down when I cross a bridge over water...that way if something happens and my car catapults off the bridge, I won't have to waste time or possibly encounter the problem of say...drowning, because I can't get the windows down! Yeah, neurotic, I know. But, it's a gift!

3. I love to cook and hate when I get too busy or too tired to cook. There's nothing like sitting around the dinner table with the two guys I love and discussing our day. I don't cook healthy stuff, I cook Paula Deen kind of stuff! If it doesn't require a stick of butter, then ya'll, I just can't cook it! I even make spaghetti sauce from scratch (no jar or mixes here). I've got mama's secret recipe and let me tell ya'll, it's the best ever!

4. Clowns and ventriloquists freak me out. Enough said.

5. I like cereal but I hate milk. I pour just enough milk in to get the cereal "wet" and then I pour the milk out and eat the cereal. Along the same lines, I prefer sweet at breakfast, not salty. My treat each Saturday morning is chocolate chip pecan pancakes. Hubby would prefer grits, eggs and bacon. No thanks!

6. I'm a Drama Queen and I wear it proudly. I was blessed to receive the gift of exaggeration from my Dad! If you tied my hands behind my back, I wouldn't be able to talk. I have to act things out---it runs in the family---plus, we're Italian, got a problem with that? I talk alot. Hubby once blammed me for him missing a turn when we were on a trip, which in turn caused him to get a ticket for speeding all because I was "flapping my gums"...yes, you read right. He said that and then apologized after he picked himself up off the ground. (Just kidding ya'll! I didn't hurt him...I just didn't talk the next hour...AT ALL. You know, come to think of it, that hurt me more than it hurt him!)

7. I'm a laundry fanatic. I'm always doing laundry. Plus, I have a teenager that changes clothes a dozen times a day and thinks something should go in the dirty clothes even if he's only worn it an hour or two. I'll be teaching him to do laundry this summer. By the way, a nifty little tip is to put dryer sheets in your trash cans and also under the seats of your car and everything smells so fresh!

8. I'm a rule breaker. See, I listed more than 7. Don't fence me in! If you try, I'll just stampede!

Sorry I was so behind on this! I want all my bloggy friends to do this, so if you see your site listed over there...yeah, to your right, that means YOU, so get busy!

11 sweet friends had to say...:

Jungle Mom said...

LOL! Great list!

justabeachkat said...

Funny Post. But...Girl...you and I have ALOT in common! It's amazing!

I'll try to get my list together soon.

Mindy said...

Rolling your window down going over a bridge --sounds like something I would do =)

The Preacher's Wife said...

I am so with you on the bridge thing..some friends got me a safety hammer which I treasure!

Also, the ventriloquist thing! Oh My Gosh..The most traumatic memory I have as a young girl is sitting in church and that evil thing scaring me to death...I immediately cried my eyes out..I know I wasn't any older than 5 and I remember it VIVIDLY! And clowns, I have three words. Stephen King's 'IT'.

This was hilarious!! I so loved your list..

Tonja said...

Enjoyed this, and I'm gonna accept the tag. I love the bridge idea,...but I HATE luandry and cooking. And, every family needs a Drama Queen!

Shelly said...

Cracking up at this! Rolling the windows down over the bride...uh-oh. You may have just taught me something here! lol. My friends are never going to let me live this one down. And as for the one foot out of bed deal - amen! lol. Hopped over here off of Travis' site :) So hello sister!

Lynne said...

Great list, Tracy. I do the foot out of bed thing whenever I get too hot. Works every time! I never thought about rolling down a window when crossing a bridge.

Dianne said...

Funny list, Tracey...some I knew, some I didn't, but a great list nonetheless. If I can think of 7 things for me that hold a candle to yours, I'll do it too!

Jill Norwood said...

A girl after my own heart. I hate clowns and milk, too!!! hee-hee

MorningSong said...

I found your blog via a comment you left on the preacher's wife. I could tell you would have an interesting blog!

I must say I love the rolling the window down over bridges quirk! That cracks me up!
Thanks for letting me visit!

Krista said...

sorry I am late reading it! I have to have that many pillows myself and my husband goes crazy! Plus I am prepared when driving over bridges--it makes me nervous! I guess all of us have alot in common because we are, well, MOTHERS!!

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