Overloaded and Overwhelmed

I know that we're supposed to be the "stronger" sex ...not physically, but able to multi-task and manage and execute flawlessly our many responsibilities. Sometimes, like a circus act, I feel as though I'm trying to keep so many plates spinning on various wooden dowels. I run back and forth to each one, spinning, trying to prevent them from all coming crashing down on me!

There have been several nights where I've awakened in a panic remembering something I forgot to do and I quickly add it to my "to do" list. Last night I was looking forward to sleeping in a little longer this morning(7:00 a.m.), but awoke at 5:15 with the many things I need to do today running through my head. I ended up emailing band parents with announcements for the week and answering an "in box" full of questions from said band parents.

As my list grew longer, I realized that something had to give and so I eliminated attending sales meeting this morning. Sometimes, I feel I'm so involved in other "stuff" that I have to put my "real" job on the back-burner. Working 4 days a week at the school and taking care of all the little details that go along with being Band Booster President leaves little time for anything else.

A "must do" today is stopping by my Chiropractor's office to take care of my aching back. I think stress camps out between L5 and S1---(anyone with back trouble can relate to that terminology!)

Plus, my heart is heavy with another "plate" we're considering adding to the spinning mix. Please pray for us regarding some decisions we will be making in the near future. I will elaborate more in upcoming posts.

Love you, bloggy friends--hope you have a wonderful day!

The Big Boo Cast

Y'all, if you haven't stopped by Boomama's or Big Mama's today,
you are missing out!

They did their first Pod Cast together
and it is too funny. Go check it out!

Have a great weekend!

Need your opinion, Internets!

We've been in our current house for a little over 4 years. The walls are all still the same neutral tan color throughout the entire house as they were when we purchased it. We've furnished it and hung pictures, etc., but have not changed any colors. I know, being a Realtor, that "neutrals sell" and lots of colors translate into lots of work for a potential buyer.

But here's the deal...we're not selling and we don't have plans to sell in the near future. It's time to add some color and interest back into our surroundings. So, I've been thinking for some time now that the Dining Room is where I want to start. All of our furnishings and accessories are dark neutral colors--olives, tans, browns, plums, etc.

I want to do this mural in the dining room with maybe the additional walls being a dark olive or a gold-ish color...

(Here's the entire mural)

(Here's a sample of how it looks in a room)

Now, be honest! Tell me what you think of this Tuscan countryside mural. I've told hubby it's all I want for my birthday---to have the dining room done!

Worth the read...

I kept hassling Antique Mommy about creating a link on her sidebar that featured her latest series of posts about "The Box". I wanted to direct readers to her site to read them in order beginning with Part I. I know some of you already frequent her blog, but if you're don't, you must go grab a box of tissue and begin reading here. Her eloquent and descriptive words will transport you to another day and time. She is definitely worth the read and will leave you wanting to turn the page...

Thanks T, for providing the link. I think you are amazingly gifted!

A Colorful Monday

School started back for us on August 8th and I've been busy busy! I remember the days when school started after Labor Day. What ever happened to that?!

One of my favorite things as a child was getting new school supplies. I have always been the QUEEN of organization and it was so exciting to me to have a new organized binder, freshly sharpened pencils and a huge box of brand new crayons. Open up that box and take a whiff! Ahhh! I love it!

I was very particular about my crayons. They absolutely, positively had to stay in gradating order. Don't you dare borrow one of my crayons and put it back in the wrong spot! I was also very particular about my coloring books. My two absolute favorites were The Brady Bunch and Dennis the Menace. Those were the ones my little brother was NOT allowed to color in. And I'm sure you can imagine that I was NOT one of those kids that colored outside the lines!

So, in honor of back to school and my wish for a brand new box of crayons, I decided to do this fun little quiz. It asks some pretty random questions and the weird thing is, it picked my FAVORITE crayon color!!! Now that's some spooky Crayola voo-doo right there!!!

You do it too and let me know what color you are...

You are most like:

You are Purple

You are vibrant and strong, and often associated with royalty. Your power may cause other a little discomfort at time, but only because they are weaker than you.

Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

Worth Sharing...

For the third time in a week this quote crossed my path -- I thought I would share it with y'all. Have a blessed Sunday!

Terrible Two's...sure, I'll play along!

Since I'm TOO tired to post about my terribly busy week, I think I'll just take the cue from my TWO friends, Kat and Dianne and post about all these interesting things you've always wanted to know, but were TOO afraid to ask.......

1. Two Names You Go By: Tracey and Mom

2. Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: nightgown and t-shirt

3. Two Things You Want In A Relationship: honesty and security

4. Two of Your Favorite Things to Do: lay out on the beach and listen to the waves, kick back in my recliner and read my latest issue of "Coastal Living" or "Southern Breeze" and wish I was laying out on the beach listening to the waves!

5. Two Things You Want Very badly At the Moment: my house to be cleaned by the twitch of my nose and a personal assistant

6. Two Pets You Had/Have: my sweet kitty, Zoe and my other two cats, Sylvester and Aubbie

7. Two People Who Will Fill This out First: I'm not sure. I'm not usually very good about participating in things like this, but I sure do like to read other people's!

8. Two Things You Did Last Night: went out to dinner with some friends at a great new steakhouse called "Ox Yoke" and then went to see all the remodeling they just did on their house.

9. Two People That Live In Your House: my hubby, Gary and my son, Zack

10. Two People You Talked To Last: my hubby, Gary and my son, Zack

11. Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow: going to church and then putting a friend's house on the market that's being transferred within the military.

12. Two Longest Car Rides: Georgia to Washington DC, Georgia to West Palm Beach, FL

13. Name 2 of Your Favorite Holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving

14.Two Favorite Beverages: sweet tea and Coke Zero

Hope you'll do this too..and if you do, let me know so I can stop by and read your list!

Not the EYEBROWS too!!!

Thank the good Lord for hair color! Okay, well in a round-a-bout way... thank the Lord for creating such geniuses to invent hair color!

Since I inherited my Dad's jet black hair and also the added benefit of having some serious gray hairs invading my head since my early 30's, I've been having to color my hair on a regular basis, cause goodness knows I don't want to look older than I am! I've tried various hair colors and having worked in a hair salon for several years in Atlanta, knew that I could quickly and easily do this at home.

My recent favorite is L'Oreal Natural Match. I mean, if it's good enough for Penelope Cruz, then surely it's good enough for me. {Except my encouraging sister informed me that "I'm sure L'Oreal Natural Match has NEVER graced the locks of Penelope Cruz's hair!"} Well, thank you, sister, for that spreading of sunshine!

I'll have to say I really liked it and I'm pleased with the results---just like Penelope Cruz's... except without that illustrious shine, light reflecting body and manageability, no sign of split ends anywhere, healthy bounce, not to mention the flawless skin, perfect teeth and dimpled chin. Other than that, it was just like hers! {Sarcasm mixed with dellusion, people!}

But what I'm not happy about is the white hair I had to pluck from my eyebrows this morning. WHITE eyebrow hair people, not just graying! So, do I dare put this home color kit on my eyebrows too? It's either that or continue to pluck and then I'll eventually have to draw them on just like the "big hair channel". I don't think I could pull off that constant "surprised" look!

Or, I could let it go and look like "Doc" from Back to the Future.

Lab coat anyone?

Hurry by Jill's today!

Jill at Who Could Ask for Anything More is shutting down comments first thing in the morning. If you want to win this cool bag and choice of books, stop by today!

Queen of the Back Roads!

My mom has always had a wonderful sense of direction. One of her favorite things to do is to read a map (nerdy, I know!). You could drop her in the middle of no-man's land and she could find her way back to civilization. She has this inner compass that points her to her true North, which enables her to always have her bearings.

She was the one to guide our family in the right direction. My father was constantly traveling and preaching, sometimes for several weeks at a time, which left her to raise the kids. And whether we were going on a family vacation or just across town, she always had to tell my Dad which way to go. She continued to demonstrate her exceptional navigational skills as she traveled the journey with my Dad to his final resting place where the Lord took the wheel and ushered him into heaven.

This past weekend we went to Atlanta as a 'last hoorah' before school started today. The guys were busy all weekend with Braves events, which left mom and I doing what we do best... shopping, eating, running errands, etc. Now, I lived in Atlanta from the time I was 10 until 7 years ago (age 33) when hubby moved us to Alabama. I tend to think I know my way around Atlanta, but with the growth and construction and never-ending roadwork, sometimes I find that things can change quickly.

Without fail, we would get in the car and my mom would take a turn on a road that I had no idea where we were headed. I would say something like, "but I thought we were going here..." to which she would reply, "I know" and that road would lead us to exactly where we were going--just not the direction I would have gone, but usually a quicker way to get there. I even told her, "Mom, you are QUEEN of the BACK ROADS!"

It got me thinking about how many times I've taken the driver's seat in my own life--knowing exactly where I want to go and choosing and directing my own paths. If I would only surrender that control to the Lord, He could take the driver's seat and lead me down a road that might have less 'traffic' or fewer obstacles. But I tend to want to take the wheel, especially if I think the route He is taking me is altering my destination--when in fact, the route He would take me would bring more blessing.

How about you? Do you have trouble taking the back seat?

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

Lord, I pray that I would daily surrender the driver's seat of my life over to You.

Caught sinning on the way to church with John Tesh

About a week or two ago, my hubby was talking about how fast I drive, especially on this one area called the Northern Boulevard, which is a road we take to connect us up with the Interstate to get to church. It tends to be a heavily patroled area and my hubby made the remark that if I didn't slow down, one of these days, I was going to get a ticket. To which I replied, "No way! I'm very careful and I am always on the look out!"

Well, as the saying goes, "pride goeth before a fall."

On Sunday mornings, John Tesh does his radio show and it's just full of interesting little tid-bits of information, that frankly, I'm usually wondering how I've made it almost 41 years without knowing! This morning I was in a bit of a rush (my hubby would say like every Sunday morning) and I was putting on lipstick and just entranced in some information Tesh was dishing out when I rounded the corner and my heart sank! There sat Mr. Police Officer who quickly flipped his lights on as I was already getting over into the emergency lane--knowing I had been caught.

Mr. Buff comes up to my window and wants to know where I'm going in such a hurry as he politely asks for my DL and Insurance card. To which I sheepishly replied, "well, CHURCH if you can believe that?!?!"

After a few minutes I was once again on my way to church, with ticket in hand... 72 in a 55.

When hubby came down off the platform, I whispered, "how much do you love me?" In answer to his puzzled look, I flashed him the ticket.

His response? ..."I told you so!"

.88 cents well spent!

We've still been "knee-deep" in Band Booster things, getting ready for school to start back next week, and our church is moving this week to a new building.

In anticipation of the church move, Gary was instructed to go purchase a set of electronic drums since the new "temporary" building is not as large as our current church building, and also the acoustics would not be able to handle his "real" drum set. After much shopping and comparing prices, getting checks cut, etc., he came home last night with these...

Except they didn't look like this--it was all in a million pieces in a huge box! His plans were to go to the church later today (after band camp) and take the new electronic drums and get them hooked up to the sound system and all that other electrical, wirey, messy stuff very intricate and complicated work that guys like to do.

After a late dinner with friends, we came back home and this 8 year old kid in a grown man's body could not wait a moment longer! It was like Christmas! He had to tear into those things and put them together just to "try them out". Around 11:30 p.m., I threw in the towel from the spectator's box and went to bed, reminding him that all good boys and girls would be trying to get some sleep and he dare not wake them!

At 12:30 a.m. I sat straight up in bed to what sounded like the entire team from Extreme Home Makeover hammering and pounding and hammering and pounding. And did I mention hammering? I thought to myself, "you've GOT to be kidding me?!"

I got up, looked down into the great room from the balcony and saw him with the headphones on just going to town on those drums! I marched back into the bedroom and scanned each square inch for my weapon of choice--reminding myself that whatever I chose would be falling from 15 feet, so I'd better choose wisely.

This was my first option...

...although I would have liked to have sent him on a trip at that very moment, I thought the falling suitcase might dismember this very annoying expensive drum set that belonged to the church.

still scanning the room...

...how about this?

...I wanted to get his attention, not kill him! Plus, he had on a very nice wrinkle free polo, which saw no use for the iron.

oh yes! This will work...

...not only will it get his attention, but if it happens to bust open, it could freshen my great room with the loveliest of scents---kills two birds with one stone! Hmmm, but on second thought, maybe this liquid and the "electronic" part won't mix.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Precious minutes are slipping by that I could be curled up in bed getting some much needed rest.

And then my eyes landed on this...

Yes, boys and girls, it's not just for fun balloon making anymore. Hurled from the corner of the balcony (see exhibit "A" below) at 12:40 in the morning, multiplying the speed times the velocity is quite effective in whacking the culprit in the back! Stunned he takes the headphones off, puts the drumsticks down and says "can you hear this?"

No, Captain Obvious! It's just my sweet way of calling you to bed.
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