Listening and Waiting...

What a jam packed week we've had. We started in Alabama, went to Florida, then to Georgia, now we're back home in Alabama. We spent 3 days in Florida looking at rental homes, since we can't buy anything until our home sells. It seems we brought the rainy, dreary weather with us from Alabama, but at least the temps were warmer! We still haven't made a decision, as Gary says, "after a while, all the homes start to look alike!" but we have several options and we are just trusting the Lord for His guidance.

It's so easy to start what I like to call the "Panic Spiral of Doom" when we start thinking about everything that needs to get done in the next few weeks and all the decisions that have to be made. Gary and I are trying to avoid the "what if's" and just focus on taking the next step. Each day brings new challenges, but we have to take them as they come and just do that day what we can do--remember, we are not promised tomorrow, so why worry about it, right?!

If you're struggling with some decisions that need to be made, I challenge you to just be still and listen for the Lord's direction. He's waiting patiently for you to seek Him and He has promised to give you a firm place to stand! (Psalm 40)

Season of Change...

Yes, friends, don't stroke, I have decided to blog again! I had to laugh when I stared at my blog for about 5 minutes trying to figure out where and how to do a new post. That's a sure sign you've been gone from the blog world too long!

I chose to title this post "Season of Change" because that's exactly what I've been experiencing the past few months and am looking forward to in the days and months ahead. I am emerging from a season of quiet. A time, where I felt I needed to be still and listen for the voice of God. Despair and negativity were consuming me as I was pleading to the Lord to rescue me. When I felt He wasn't hearing me, I cried louder. But it was in the midst of my pleas that His still, small voice commanded me to be still, to be quiet, to be faithful and serve Him for such a time as this--regardless of the circumstances.

And so I hushed. I quit focusing on my "checklist" of the Lord meeting my needs and started learning a new habit of thankfulness and contentment in all things. It was a daily struggle, and one in which I didn't always win, but the Lord has consistently been chipping away at this self-centered, control-freak of a shell that I am and has reshaped and molded me and shown me that if I just get out of HIS way, then He will reveal to me the life and blessings He so longs to bestow upon me.

And like the first, new blooms in Spring, I am emerging with new life out of a cold, silent "winter", eager to see what the Lord has in store for me, for us, in this new season of our lives.
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