We're outta here...

We are leaving in the morning for Disney with the band. 7 months of planning and it's finally here....woah, I'm tired already! The kids have worked hard to get ready for this competition--hopefully we'll come back with a big 'ole trophy! We'll be back Sunday and hopefully I'll have some pictures to post.

Speaking of road trips...I'm curious to know the PRICE of your GAS?! Today ours was $3.49 a gallon. I'm glad we're riding the bus!

Leave me a comment and tell me the price of your gas and your general area of the country! Maybe then I won't feel so bad about ours!

If only it really worked...

It's late, I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep! I normally don't have this problem at all--I usually am in bed between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. and it takes me no time to fall asleep! This has been a hectic week with an even more hectic day today...

This morning I had an appt. with the orthopaedic doctor about my foot. It's been hurting for months, progressively getting worse and so I decided before we take that Disney trip next week with the band, that I had better get it checked out. I felt like I had a bone spur in my heel---I can't even convey to you adequately how painful it is---maybe like stepping on a nail every time you walk? Anyway, it was confirmed with x-rays and the Dr. told me that I could no longer wear the very cute wedge-heeled sandals that I had on and if I wanted to get better I had to...

A. wear tennis shoes for about 4 months
(are you kidding me? You are seriously putting a crimp in my fashion statement!)

B. put aside my cute sandals, heels and flip-flops
(now he's gone to meddlin'...he has no idea of my VAST love affair with the flip-flop!)

C. get a mold made of my feet for special shoe inserts for my apparent high arch
(Right. Hello, Blue Cross/Blue Shield? Yes, I have high arches and doc says I will continuously have issues with bone spurs unless I get these special inserts...can you send a check for $275?)

I proceeded to half-jokingly tell him that I could NOT wear tennis shoes for the next 4 months--I have to dress semi-professionally and how in the world would tennis shoes look with these cute outfits? I mean the horror of it all! He was sooooo not amused and in a somewhat irritated tone told me that if I wasn't go to do what he said, I would just keep suffering.

Look, mister...just 'cause you have shiny plaques all over your walls with lots of letters behind your name, and certificates with beautifully embossed gold seals all over them doesn't make you the boss of me! I mean, come on! I only sought out your expert advice to not follow it!

I'm a rebel like that...yessirree.

After our little podiatry showdown, Doc agreed to give me a shot in my heel. He came back in, needle in hand and proceeds to tell me that he can give me a shot anywhere on my body and it would be fine and I wouldn't feel a thing, but THIS was GOING TO HURT! Okay, well, hang on just a minute while I contact the A.M.A and nominate you for "Best Bedside Manner".

He was not kidding---it did hurt and it has hurt all day. And I'm not sure what else he put in that shot but all day today I was sweaty and clammy, and I mean s-w-e-a-t-y! Plus I've been bouncing off the walls, talking more than usual (which is hard to imagine), and I CAN'T SLEEP!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing...I came home from working at the school, took off my cute wedge-heeled sandals, put on my Nikes and went to meet a client for a final walk-thru. What can I say? I'm a trendsetter! Tomorrow you'll see this soon-to-be the rave all over the fashion mags! But remember, you saw it here first!

You win Doc...now put that voodoo doll away and let me get some sleep!

Safe and Sound

He's back...safe and sound! Yesterday morning he was at Niagara Falls, last night he was home, sleeping in his own bed! Even though he was exhausted, he was so eager to tell us all about the trip, give us some souvenirs he had picked up for us (so thoughtful!), and show us his pictures. I will post more pictures and details soon but right now...I'm COVERED UP in piles of laundry he brought home!

Sneaking a moment...

Gary and I both had yesterday off for a long weekend which I thought would be great to get some things done around the house that we've let go far too long. Hubby, on the other hand looks at it as extra time to prop the feet up and relax! He eventually saw it my way, after I kept poking him and grabbing his sides where he is extremely ticklish, until he agreed to get busy with our "chores".

Friday I woke up (unfortunately) at 6:20 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to walk on the treadmill and then get breakfast ready before we started our chores. We ended up working in the yard all day and really got alot done. Today we're cleaning house and I'm sneaking a few minutes to blog while I'm waiting on my floors to dry. Hubby is hard at work vacuuming the house. He hates it when I have a "to do" list, but he's good about helping me around the house.

This morning I said, doesn't the yard and deck look so nice and clean? Which he had to admit it did, but said he hated doing the work. Yeah, well. Welcome to the real world, right?!

Zack is on his way today to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. He has called me several times and seems to be having a great time. I keep reminding him to take lots of pictures---so hopefully when he returns, I'll get to post a few. I told him I just didn't want pictures of "stuff", I wanted pictures of him AND stuff! We'll see!

I better get back to work before hubby catches me sitting here blogging! Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Hear ye, hear ye

I just got Zack off on his senior trip. They are headed to Boston for a few days and then on to Canada to Niagra Falls. They'll be home late Sunday night. He's real excited about all the places they are going to see in Boston--among which are the Freedom Trail, the Old North Church, Paul Reveres' house, Bunker Hill monument, Boston Common, etc. Hey, does anyone remember a set of drinking cups that had the Paul Revere story on them? I can remember them from when I was young and I used to love looking at the pictures. I have no idea what my mom ever did with them.

Anyway, they'll be back late Sunday night. I told him to take lots of pictures, but he's a guy, we'll see how that goes!

I've got Friday and Monday off from school. I'm looking forward to a long weekend--I sure need it! We have house work and yard work to do, but I know we'll be resting alot too.

I still am sticking to my WATER ONLY! I really have been proud of myself for saying "no" to soda or sweet tea. Mel asked what happens after the two weeks---well, hopefully I'll stick with it and decide to cut something else out of my unhealthy diet!

That's about all that's going on around here. I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Take the challenge...

Today is DAY 5 of my "no soda" challenge! I've been having lots of headaches and just feeling plain sluggish by the afternoon, so I decided to take the Dr. Oz challenge (if you watch Oprah, you know who and what I'm talking about). He said we would be amazed at how good we feel if we would just challenge ourselves to TWO WEEKS without soda! I still have one cup of coffee in the morning, but after that...it's only WATER the rest of the day. The second day I was having a pretty bad headache, maybe some caffeine withdrawals, but honestly, I've felt much better these past few days and can say that my body craves the water. The only downside so far is the getting up 2, 3 sometimes 4 times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Ugh! I'm going to try to keep it up and start focusing on a more healthy me! And by the way, "you're welcome" for the cute little Sesame Street artwork, just in case you feel like coloring, you can click on it, print it and color it. And who says I'm not a full service blog?!

Also, I saw this on Dianne's blog and thought I would take the test too. I think it's pretty accurate--I tend to be very courageous and don't back away from much. Below are my results--take the test and let me know your results too!
Which Positive Quality Are You?
Your Result: Courage

You are Courage. Courage is bravery, daring to do what is right in the face of adversity. Courage allows for the triumph of good over evil. "Courage does what must be done no matter what the consequences."

Which Positive Quality Are You?

This and that...

Today I took a mental health day. I don't work at the school on Tuesdays because that's usually my sales meeting day at the real estate company, but we didn't have sales meeting today. So, for the first time in a long time, I didn't have anything on my "schedule". For a few minutes this morning, I thought about cleaning the house, but I haven't had a day off in so long that I just decided to lay around all day--and that's just what I did--and I enjoyed every minute of it!

On another note, Zack came home with these the other day...

Yeah...it makes it all the more real and guess what? Mama's not ready!!! The days are slipping by so fast that he will be in college before I know it. I'm sad, but I'm so proud of him!

Speaking of time...I'm gonna end this right now so I can watch the Barbara Walters special on how to live to be a hundred and fifty! Can you image?! Let's check it out...
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