If only it really worked...

It's late, I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep! I normally don't have this problem at all--I usually am in bed between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. and it takes me no time to fall asleep! This has been a hectic week with an even more hectic day today...

This morning I had an appt. with the orthopaedic doctor about my foot. It's been hurting for months, progressively getting worse and so I decided before we take that Disney trip next week with the band, that I had better get it checked out. I felt like I had a bone spur in my heel---I can't even convey to you adequately how painful it is---maybe like stepping on a nail every time you walk? Anyway, it was confirmed with x-rays and the Dr. told me that I could no longer wear the very cute wedge-heeled sandals that I had on and if I wanted to get better I had to...

A. wear tennis shoes for about 4 months
(are you kidding me? You are seriously putting a crimp in my fashion statement!)

B. put aside my cute sandals, heels and flip-flops
(now he's gone to meddlin'...he has no idea of my VAST love affair with the flip-flop!)

C. get a mold made of my feet for special shoe inserts for my apparent high arch
(Right. Hello, Blue Cross/Blue Shield? Yes, I have high arches and doc says I will continuously have issues with bone spurs unless I get these special inserts...can you send a check for $275?)

I proceeded to half-jokingly tell him that I could NOT wear tennis shoes for the next 4 months--I have to dress semi-professionally and how in the world would tennis shoes look with these cute outfits? I mean the horror of it all! He was sooooo not amused and in a somewhat irritated tone told me that if I wasn't go to do what he said, I would just keep suffering.

Look, mister...just 'cause you have shiny plaques all over your walls with lots of letters behind your name, and certificates with beautifully embossed gold seals all over them doesn't make you the boss of me! I mean, come on! I only sought out your expert advice to not follow it!

I'm a rebel like that...yessirree.

After our little podiatry showdown, Doc agreed to give me a shot in my heel. He came back in, needle in hand and proceeds to tell me that he can give me a shot anywhere on my body and it would be fine and I wouldn't feel a thing, but THIS was GOING TO HURT! Okay, well, hang on just a minute while I contact the A.M.A and nominate you for "Best Bedside Manner".

He was not kidding---it did hurt and it has hurt all day. And I'm not sure what else he put in that shot but all day today I was sweaty and clammy, and I mean s-w-e-a-t-y! Plus I've been bouncing off the walls, talking more than usual (which is hard to imagine), and I CAN'T SLEEP!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing...I came home from working at the school, took off my cute wedge-heeled sandals, put on my Nikes and went to meet a client for a final walk-thru. What can I say? I'm a trendsetter! Tomorrow you'll see this soon-to-be the rave all over the fashion mags! But remember, you saw it here first!

You win Doc...now put that voodoo doll away and let me get some sleep!

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Musicaljean said...

Sorry, girl, I beat you to it, and I'm sorry to say, the trend has not been wildly popular, ha, ha!!

I got orthodic inserts two years ago and wore them inside my Reeboks every day the rest of that school year. Gradually my feet felt better and I went about a year-and-a-half wearing lots of different shoes and no inserts. Then in January I got this heel pain, and I have been back into my ugly black Reeboks with inserts ever since. I still haven't taken time to go to the foot specialist. Please let me know if the shot works. I have been being a "good girl" (wearing those Reeboks, almost completely quitting the treadmill, boohoo} but my heel pain is NO BETTER when I wear other shoes or go barefoot. I would gladly endure the pain of that shot if it helped. I have been wondering what in the heck I am going to do when it gets too hot to wear pants. There's no way I'm wearing those Reeboks with capris.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Nothing like a dose of steroids to jack you up for about 48 hours. You probably could have used that to keep up with those kids at Disney World!

I have heard that tennies make your but look smaller. =D

Soo~ is the foot better?

Profbaugh said...

I feel your pain. . .really. I've been there! Much like Jean's story I could simply say "ditto." One thing I did find that really helped and were a bit more stylish were Finn Comfort sandals and clogs. They actually worked better than the professional/custom inserts. They are expensive shoes (google them), but well worth the price!!

Right now, my foot is healed. Still, I'm very, very cautious about shoes choice. For work now I wear Dansko's (another pricey brand) but comfort/support shoe.

Oh and those shots, YUCK!! But they do help with the pain. Hopefully, you'll get some sleep tonight.

Tonja said...

How dare that man tell you what to do! He acts like he's a doctor or something!

Because my joints are so bad, I have to wear tennis shoes anytime I am on my feet for any length of time. May I suggest to you that you try the PRIVO brand. They are made by Clarks but fit much differently from them. They have many very cute styles, some look like flats and are cute with skirts. But, even the regular tennis shoes are cute. Now, the best part. The best place to get them is Sikes and Kohn...at least $25 cheaper and a much better selection than I have seen in any store. They come in some funky colors, too. Truly, I,too have heel pain. I can wear these shoes all day! Hope this helps!

LivingTheLife said...

Well...sounds like ole' DOC has you "jacked up" on steriods!! They do make you bounce off the walls...or at least they do me...and they give my poor hubbin the hiccups...for DAYS!! No more for him!

Sorry, to hear about your heel problems...but I know...if your feet hurt...well, you just hurt all over...and I don't know about you...but when I hurt AND am lacking in sleep hours...I'm a total grouch!!

I have problems with the "fat" pad area on the bottom top of my foot by the big toe...it just gets so sore and painful...maybe its bunions...???...I've never seen a doc about it...and it is just on my left foot!! When we went to Italy I looked high and low for the perfect pair of shoes to wear...b/c I knew we were going to be on our feet for many hours a day! It's hard to find a shoe that goes with everything...I mean...actually you need certain shoes for skirts, other pairs for capris...and most surely a completely different pair for pants...BUT...I did find a couple of pairs called "EARTH SHOES"...for me these were life savers...b/c they took pressure off that area of my foot...it seems they have discovered (or so they say) that as women we stand incorrectly...ummmm! yea, its called high heels...kitten heels and flip flops??? duh...thus causing all sorts of problems with our feet, back and legs...so this shoe is designed to re-align your step so to speak...I LOVED them...in fact they are coming out with a type of sandal for the summer...an actual flip-flop type...so I'm going to check into that! Hope the shot does more for you in the next few days than just hyping you up!

Yea..and I bet that doc would so wear heels or flip-flops if he COULD!! MEN!!


oh!!...and Sandi's remark makes me want to run out a buy a dozen or so pairs of tennies...I would wear four pair at a time...if I thought that would make my hiney look smaller!!

Monday through Sunday said...

I LOVE my flip flops!! Enjoyed my visit!

Joy said...

Wear tennis shoes to Zack's graduation? Uh ... no. I'm a rebel too ... in case you didn't know. I'm sorry you've been still hurting. Home from a great week at Perdido. I thought about ya. I'll see you Sunday!

Love - Joy

Dianne said...

Well, helloooo...I LOVE tennis shoes! I've noticed during the summer when I wear shoes with less support, I get these shooting pains in my foot, so I know when it's time to give my feet a break. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS loved tennis shoes, since I was a kid...and this is for Jean...right now I am sitting on my couch wearing tennis shoes with capris! How's THAT for a fashion statement? Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! :-)

The Preacher's Wife said...

Poor baby! I'm thinkin' a second opinion is in order from a cute girl podiatrist who understands our need for strappy and wedgy. :))

Hope the shot kicks in and you start feeling better! ;)


Mocha with Linda said...

Saw your comment at The Preacher's Wife and had to come look, although I knew exactly what I'd find. I've had the heel issue and also plantar fascitis. It stinks. I feel like an old lady sometimes, but I refuse to get the ugly orthopedic shoes. I have found some cute flip-flops with some arch support for the plantar fascitis. Just had to sell my firstborn to buy them, LOL!

Deborah said...

Ah shame, will pray for you, maybe pretty pink tennis shoes???? love always me

justabeachkat said...

No flip flops?! He must be crazy!

Seriously, foot pain is no laughing matter. My Aunt, Sherry, who visits me often has the same problem. The shots really helped her, but she has to be so careful with the shoes she wears.

Good luck.


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