Overloaded and Overwhelmed

I know that we're supposed to be the "stronger" sex ...not physically, but able to multi-task and manage and execute flawlessly our many responsibilities. Sometimes, like a circus act, I feel as though I'm trying to keep so many plates spinning on various wooden dowels. I run back and forth to each one, spinning, trying to prevent them from all coming crashing down on me!

There have been several nights where I've awakened in a panic remembering something I forgot to do and I quickly add it to my "to do" list. Last night I was looking forward to sleeping in a little longer this morning(7:00 a.m.), but awoke at 5:15 with the many things I need to do today running through my head. I ended up emailing band parents with announcements for the week and answering an "in box" full of questions from said band parents.

As my list grew longer, I realized that something had to give and so I eliminated attending sales meeting this morning. Sometimes, I feel I'm so involved in other "stuff" that I have to put my "real" job on the back-burner. Working 4 days a week at the school and taking care of all the little details that go along with being Band Booster President leaves little time for anything else.

A "must do" today is stopping by my Chiropractor's office to take care of my aching back. I think stress camps out between L5 and S1---(anyone with back trouble can relate to that terminology!)

Plus, my heart is heavy with another "plate" we're considering adding to the spinning mix. Please pray for us regarding some decisions we will be making in the near future. I will elaborate more in upcoming posts.

Love you, bloggy friends--hope you have a wonderful day!

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MorningSong said...

My prayers are with you!! I can relate to your time of chaos and running around! Great reminder for me to prioritize!

Blessings to you Tracey!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your brain is spinning!

I, too, am kept awake way too often by the "full brain".

On another note...the picture you posted is convicting me of "non-muscle-y" arms.

I'll add "upper body workout" to the list. :-)


LivingTheLife said...

Take time to take care of yourself...I know life gets really busy especially when you have so many things to juggle...but you need to take some time for you! Wow...do I sound like a mother or WHAT??? Not trying to be bossy...just I've been there done that...and I want you to benefit from my infinite wisdom...HA!...ok that's a stretch...but you know what I mean. LOL

Thinking and keeping you and yours in my prayers...


violetlady said...

I hope your extra "plate" does not add a difficult decision to your life. I empathize -- sometimes those weekly sales meetings are just too much.

Penless Thoughts said...

"Casting all your cares upon Him 'cause He careth for you!" Sometimes you have to let the good go for the best.

Magnolia Mom said...

Praying for ya in Auburn!

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Some times you have to stop the spinning long enough to catch a breath. It really is the little things that matter.

Take care of YOU!

Musicaljean said...

How well I understand, dear Tracey. I will pray for you, because I'm not a good one to give advice on this subject.

Tonja said...

seems as if there is always just one more thing that HAS to be done...but someone else can do it. Be careful not to overload. Will keep you in my prayers.

Did you get the e-mail?



Dianne said...

Hey. I enjoyed talking with you the other night...it had been FAR too long. I appreciate all that you shared. Hope all is well there...we'll chat again soon.

Profbaugh said...

Well, I've often thought about running away and joining the circus, after all I'm an expert juggler. So I can really relate to your post. It's so hard to do it all--work, home, kids, activities, church service, etc., etc. I often think that I never do anything well, often dropping a ball or two along the way. But praise the LORD that Christ is there when I'm weak. . to provide strength. Otherwise, I'd have been in the circus a long time ago!!

I could also go as the bearded lady. . but that's a whole different story.

Seriously, I'll be praying for you and the tough decisions you'll be making.

From one circus performer to another,

justabeachkat said...


Sorry we didn't connect as I passed through yesterday. Hope you got my phone message.

I'm sorry things are crazy for you right now. I'll pray for you.


justabeachkat said...


(thank your lucky stars you couldn't hear me singing)

Hope to see you on Sunday.

Birthday Hugs and Love,

Musicaljean said...

Happy Birthday, Tracey!! I hope you have a great day, celebrating with your family at your son's debut as drum major this evening. I know he will look so awesome and you will all be so proud of him. What better birthday gift could there possibly be for a mom?

Hoping too to see you Sunday, but totally understanding if it doesn't work out. Love ya, Jean

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Tracey, I know...isn't juggling sometimes SO hard. I hope you get some rest this weekend & get your energy back. Women do work very hard to keep things spinning along.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Tracey- Just catching up on blogs. I read via Kat that you had a birthday! Hope it was good and the year ahead is wonderful for you. I know how you feel regarding the juggling act.... I never feel like I have enough to go around. Take care, dear one.

Shelly said...

Keep us posted girlfriend. And throw some of those plates down if you can!

Dianne said...


The Preacher's Wife said...

Happy Birthday!! Tracey!

I'm teaching a conference this weekend called Get Over It: Being an Overcomer in an Overwhelming World...I'm not glad you are experiencing all this, but I am glad to have yet one more perspective as if my own crazy life weren't enough...

What God has told me through this time of study? Learn the word NO. I'm still struggling with that one..:)

LOve you!


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