Fall, Come Quickly!

I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather. I decided to usher in September by putting away all my "beachy" decor and bringing in the harvest! One of my greater weaknesses are dishes and my mom bought me a beautiful set of caramel colored dishes for Christmas that I haven't had the opportunity to use until now. I just received the wall hanging for my birthday from a dear friend of mine at church, and took some birthday money to purchase a few more knick-knacks at the incredible sale they are currently having at Hobby Lobby! So if you haven't done so yet, take the time to add a few "fallish" touches to your decor...even if it's in the triple digits outside, it will make you think fall is just around the corner!

I also wanted to thank my bloggy friends for their birthday wishes. My mom came in town Friday and brought my nephew (my brother's son), and my sister came in town and brought my niece (her daughter). We had our first home football game and Gary and I worked the concessions stand almost the entire game--but we did get to watch the half time show and Zack did a great job! Then we had a great weekend with family, playing games and eating too much!

I hate that I missed the first "B" club meeting! I hear Kat, Tonja and Jean had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see more pictures. Dianne and I promise to make the next event and certainly don't want to relinquish any voting rights! So glad you girls had fun! It was great getting to talk to all of you, but next time, let's bring in an interpreter for us Southern gals for our yankee friend Jean! (Just kidding! I LOVE your accent!)

Wishing all of you a wonderful, restful week!

8 sweet friends had to say...:

Tonja said...

We missed you at the "B" club...and that's OFFICIAL. We did decide to give you and Dianne one more chance to earn your voting rights...you'll hear more later.

Know you were proud of your son and the great honor he has this year. Good for him!


justabeachkat said...

Oh Girlfriend!...it's so good to see you're posting again. Hope things have calmed down enough so you'll be back at it often.

Love the photo showing all the Fall "stuff". I love the feel in the air lately.

We sure missed you at the first "B" Club meeting, but we're planning another one already. More to come later.


MorningSong said...

Happy Birthday!! I have been away from my computer lately and missed the festivities!

Blessings on a great new year!

Musicaljean said...

You need an interpreter for ME???? I'm the one who will have to bring an interpreter along next time!!! Just kidding! I can do a pretty good southern accent, but that would be fake, so I decided to just be me - the PA Dutch girl!!

I love your fall decor, by the way.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I hated to miss the B club... I hope to one day be inducted. I will start thinking of words that belong with B now so I may qualify.
Best wishes & Bee sweet =D

Dianne said...

Your kitchen looks GREAT!

CALL ME! :-) (I'm going to keep saying this until you do!) :-)

Mindy said...

I can't WAIT for fall either!
Cool weather please come soon!
Blessings on you friend!
in HIM -

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I love your decor! I collect pumpkins (and also santas and snowmen for winter) and I usually try to get started on the fall decorating Labor Day weekend. We were out of town this Labor Day so I hope to get started yet this week.

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