She IS human after all!

If ya'll don't regularly read Beth Moore's blog, you've got to go check this out. Her post today is HILARIOUS and something we can all relate to!

6 sweet friends had to say...:

MorningSong said...

Thank you! I really enjoyed it. I didn't check today b/c I thought it would be a few days before they posted again.

Any luck on the flip flop front?

See ya later Paula Dean! :o)

Penless Thoughts said...

Looked at Walgreens today. lots of flip-flops but none like the one's you want. My daughter told me you can go on and look for them. If you find what you want you can request it be sent to you at the Walgreens nearest you. My daughter is a pharmacy tech at Walgreens.

RealEstateGirl said...

Susan! Thanks for looking and thanks for the info!!! I'm going to the Walgreens web site now!

Dianne said...

You know, I had just thought of the website idea this morning and was going to look there for you bad I was a 'day late and dollar short' huh?

I would DIE if I ran into Beth Moore matter where it was. Wouldn't it be funny to run into her at a Walgreen's and she had flip-flops in her hand?? :-)

Southern Heart said...

I enjoyed that very much...I'm glad you shared it. :)

I wanted to stop in and say hello, and thank you for visiting and the kind message, too. I've enjoyed visiting you, and will look forward to visiting again soon!


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I do read her almost daily and I think that post was funny and so true...all at the same time.

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