What happens in Vegas, should STAY in Vegas!

Oh my heavens! Every time I get a call from my son, my heart skips another beat! He is in Las Vegas for a few days with his Aunt (my sister) and his cousin (her daughter). My niece is a little dare-devil and she is not afraid of anything! She and Zack are 18 months apart and they are both an "only" child, so they are very close, and where she goes, he goes!
(Here's a picture of the two rugrats! )

They are staying at the Stratosphere hotel and after a late breakfast this morning, they went and rode this... (It's called "Big Shot" at the top of the Stratosphere)

then they rode this...(It's called "X-Scream" and dangles off the side of the Stratosphere)

and then, oh my, they rode this...(appropriately named "Insanity")

Zack sent me photos via text messages and it made my heart sink!

I am deathly afraid of heights. Ya'll, I'm serious...one time when I was about 14 years old, our family went to Rock City in Chattanooga and I couldn't even go across the bridge (not the swinging one, the big fat wide rock one) at the very beginning. So I sat there and waited on the rest of my family to come back.

Another time Zack made me ride the Ferris Wheel at the big National fair we have every year in October and I almost CRIED!

Didn't the Lord say, "LOW I am with you always"?! That's my interpretation, at least.

14 sweet friends had to say...:

Musicaljean said...

Great interpretation!! Boy, those rides look NUTS!! I too am dreadfully afraid of heights. I remember in 7th grade when we took a class trip to the Gettysburg battlefield. There was an open-staired tower that we climbed. I practically crawled up those steps because I was so afraid that if I stood up straight I would go out over the handrail!

Penless Thoughts said...

I would never get on anything like that. I didn't like those kind of rides even when I was a kid.

Tonja said...

I'm with you. If God intended us to see the world from UP THERE, He would have given us wings! And, kids...for a while they tend to lose all sense of reason, don't they? At least us women get ours back...the guys?.....not so much! :)

Rhoda said...

LOL on your interpretation, Tracey! I was a dare-devil when I was younger, but even those things look scary to me now. Hope they are having a great time & it looks like they are.

Hang on, he'll be home soon!


NspiredByFaith said...

Holy crapola! What scary looking rides! Just thinking about riding them makes me break out in a nervous rash! My sister rode a roller coaster on a roof top in Vegas once, and I wouldn't even go up to watch! I also told her to look for me a few blocks down the strip so that when they scraped her off the sidewalk I wouldn't be close enough to see!...I'm sure he'll come back safe and sound though! With lots of terrifying stories and photos!

MorningSong said...

I am still holding my breath!! I would just die!! Now, I have bungee jumped but I do not like rides that swing or ferris wheels. Isn't THAT nuts? haha

Oh well, I do NOT want to see what may be exciting when my kids are older. Oh my!!

Lynne said...

Now, I'm wanting to go on a hot air balloon ride, but I'd never go on any of those rides that Zach did. That last one looked REALLY scary. Have you seen that new thing at the Grand Canyon that looks like a U-shape that sticks out over the canyon and you walk out - with glass sides and a glass bottom? No way!

But it sure looks like Zach is having a great time!

Jungle Mom said...

How fun and neat he is so close to his cousin!

justabeachkat said...

Excuse me while I go get my anti-itch medicine for the hives I got just looking at those photos!

Southern Girl said...

I'm glad Zack's having a good time, but he may need to learn what to tell Mom and what to save for when he's back home safely. ;) If that were me, I'm not sure I'd want to know what sort of crazy ride he was on or what building he was hanging off of!

Mindy said...

You are too funny Tracey!
I just wanted to comment on Rock City.....if you had left there and drove across the MTN about 20 minutes to the GA side -- that is where I grew up! =)
SMALL World isn't it?
And I wouldn't have ridden any of those rides myself....not out of a fear of heights so much as a fear of those rides -- I almost fell off a roller coaster once -- WILL NOT ride this stuff!

Rhoda said...

OK, Tracey...you're on for The Cheesecake Factory! I hope you will email me & let me know when you get back to B'ham again...would love to get together with you & Tonja one of these days.

Pepper Place market is held in the summer months (I think it goes til late Sept.) & is a farmers market, etc. It's held at an area called Pepper Place (right near downtown) that has antiques stores all the time & the farmer's market is every Sat. morning during those summer months. Fun way to spend a Sat. a.m. browsing around, getting coffee, vendors are selling breakfast items & you can watch one of the local chefs prepare something...different one every week. It's fun!


Pam said...

YIKES! I can't imagine. It looks as if you shoot off the building?? Your son is very handsome by the way!

Thanks for sharing these photos. My nine year old loved them!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh Tracey, I am horrified looking at those pics...

And Rock City! When I went as an adult with the kids, I absolutely dug my nails into their arms enough to draw blood...I had forgotten how high up everything is and how you can totally fall to your death in so many places there! I'll never go back! :))

Hope Zach got home okay and that he never goes to that horrible hotel again...:))

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