All Points Bulletin...A.P.B.

Where in the World is Red Ranger? Last seen fighting workmen disguised as Mexicans (cause we all know that real Mexicans are the hardest workers!)...fighting for truth of square footage, justice of the thin tile and the American dollar! Known to have started a new job on Monday preparing Americans for the inevitable with the armory of life insurance. Went missing in the blogging world 7 days ago... last seen wearing red tights, white Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader boots and a red helmet!

4 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

Absolutely hysterical! I laughed out loud. I have been wondering that too, but obviously not at creatively as you have! I am impressed!

Jules said...

I think he is with " High Tech" ha ha

BTW - nice pics of us at your beautiful wedding. ( :
Fun times for sure.

Cantini #3 said... win for funniest blog. I laughed out loud too.

He is actually sleeping right now. We had Parker's birthday party today and he is tuckerd out.....

I shall have him post ASAP!!!!!

Jodi Lynn said...

lololol I just saw this. I can just look at that picture and think of Tommy being under the costume.

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