First step...admitting it

Yes, I am a reality tv show junkie! I really don't have much time to watch television, but when I do, I choose to watch reality shows. Currently I am hooked on Treasure Hunters (Monday nights on NBC). I love this show! Each week is a new challenge of figuring out clues and destinations and codes....ahhhh, I love it! They are down to 3 teams and I am pulling for Team Air Force. First, I love the fact that they have all served our can you not pull for the military, right? They just seem to be all around good people. They don't flip out, they keep their cool, they are very smart, they aren't cussing like the Southie Boys, and their favorite book is the Bible...can't go wrong there!

Zack, Gary and I are getting pretty good at figuring out the clues to their next destination and we think, "hmmm, we should be on this show!"....that is, until we see them running, and I mean sprinting to beat the other teams, and then we say "naaaahhhhh...only way we'd do that is if somebody bigger than us is chasing us!" So, there we sit in the comfort of our home, on our semi-comfortable couch, eating pound cake and strawberries with whip cream, living vicariously through Team Air Force! We're rootin' for ya!

1 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

You are funny. I don't watch those shows myself...the last one I really watched was 'The Bachelor' with Ryan and Trista (!!) but I did watch most of American Idol that year Fantasia won. I work with SEVERAL people who watch them religiously though, so I know they are addictive. Maybe there is a 'Reality TV Show Anonymous' group somewhere that you can look into??? :-)

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