Another Update...

I'm sure you all couldn't sleep last night anxiously awaiting my "Whatcha Wanna Know Wednesday!" Blog (ha ha) ...but I decided to postpone what I was going to write about for another Wednesday.

My Dad had a rough night last night. My Mom went home around 10:00 p.m. to try to get some rest and had a call from the hospital at 3:30 a.m. telling her she needed to get back up to the hospital to settle my Dad down. Apparently he had taken out his I.V. five times, along with his heart monitor and kept trying to get up and the nurses finally had to put him in restraints. Mom said he was very agitated when she got up to the hospital and he has not slept (nor has she) all day. She asked the Doctor today if they could give him something to help him sleep tonight and they said no, because of all the other medications he is on.

They are putting him under at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow for the Doctor to run a scope down his throat and see what's going on in his stomach. The Doctor also said that if that report comes back "normal", he's afraid his problems are from the prostate cancer that has spread so dramatically. My Dad just recently finished 6 weeks of radiation and his PSA count was 16. Now his PSA count is 44.

My mom is going to stay up at the hospital tonight. Please pray that both he and my mom will be able to get some sleep. I will keep you posted...thanks for your prayers.

5 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

Thanks for the update Tracey, and again, ANYTHING for you sister! I love you!:-)

PS...and guess what...I REALLY DID wonder what you were going to write about in your 'Whatcha Wanna Know' Wednesday article today!!!

JPC88 said...

We will be praying

Allycat said...

Praying for your family.

God bless Tracey. Give her peace in this difficult time. Be by her parents side as they are at the hopital. Give her Dad a night of sweet rest and her Mother ease of sleep that is so difficult to get in a hospital.
In the sweet name of Jesus, our Savior

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update, Tracey. I'll continue to pray for your family.

Cantini #3 said...

Bessie, my friend. I so enjoyed finally talking to you last night. Good to laugh, huh? Many, many prayers are going up for your family. God is Here.

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