Yea! It's Saturday!

For those of you that hate cats, I'm sure you're getting pretty tired of seeing cat photos on our blogs, but for those of you that love cats...I HAD to share this photo! I caught my baby Zoe in a yawn last night and thought it was such a cute photo, I thought I would post it. It looks like she's laughing. Her mama just said something funny! Isn't she precious!?

So today is Saturday, what a busy week we've had. But today holds lots of housework, laundry and last-minute school supply shopping to do today. Would rather lay around like the cats and be lazy all day! Have a great one, my blogger buddies!

5 sweet friends had to say...:

JPC88 said...

That is soooo cute! Just adorable!
I could just eat that little kitty up!

Di-dan said...

Tracey, I personally LOVE the picture....what a sweet baby! As quickly as they yawn though, I don't know how you were ready with a camera sitting right there to snap! Is she trained to yawn when you tell her to? haha....Like cats will be trained to do anything! :-)

Jules said...

I can see that we have the "cat" people and the "non cat" people. I totaly love the cat photos -- I grew up with cats and LOVED it!

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RealEstateGirl said...

Actually Dianne, she was sleeping and I took a photo and woke her up, and then she yawned and I snapped again! Isn't it so cute? She looks like she's laughing to me.

Allycat said...

I love kitty cats!

All we have trained our cats to do is eat and sleep, but they have us trained to put the food out on demand.

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