The O.C.D. kicks in...

I spent all day today cleaning and organizing the home office. My desk had gotten way out of control and my bookshelves were just piled high! Zack even got in on the action and decided to clean his desk and computer area and organize all his computer cords (without any prompting from me!).

Hubby spent the day drinking some nasty clear liquid for his colonoscopy (sp?) tomorrow morning. Bless his heart! Say a prayer for him in the morning. He is NOT looking forward to this appointment!

Now, I'm exhausted and going to bed...but it feels so good to be organized again!

8 sweet friends had to say...:

Shelly said...

lol. I love to clean and organize too girl!

Gotta make sure I'm filled by the spirit and don't go on a control cleaning spree! lol

justabeachkat said...

Good for you. Hope it rubs off on me. I truly need to work on my desk. I keep putting it off.

Poor Gary, but I'm soooo glad he's doing it. It's so important.


Lyndy said...

Will be praying for your hubby. I can understand why he is not looking forward to it.

Hugs, Lyndy

Lynne said...

I get the organizing bug every once in a while, and when I do, look out! It's been a while - I might have to do it again soon. My bookcases are looking needy again.

Tell Gary that the prep is worse than the test. Been there, done that. I wasn't even awake during the actual test - they gave me a nice dose of IV valium and I was off in dream land. Good for him getting it done.

Tonja said...

Good for you. I wish the organizing bug would bite me. Instead all I want to do is be lazy and have someone wait on me. Not that it happens...the wait on me part, that is. The lazy part, I do quite well!

Musicaljean said...

I love organizing and throwing things out. It gives me a "high"!

And yes, by now I'm sure Gary has found out that the prep is by far the worst part of a colonoscopy. The rest is a breeze.

Jungle Mom said...

Can you come finish unpacking my suitcases!!!

Mindy said...

Glad to hear you got it all done - I love that feeling when I've finished something like that!
And will be praying for your hubby in the morning!

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