Checking in...

Y'all, I'm here, I'm just covered up! Gary and I are Band Booster Presidents again this year and I have been so busy with that! Last week we had Rookie Camp and this next week is full band camp. I have so much to do still before Monday that I'm wondering how I can get it all done! I will have to force myself to stay away from Blogville, but just know that when I can get my chin above water, I will post about my quick trip to Atlanta to surprise my mom for her birthday, and I will return all the "meme's" and Blogger "reflection" and "thinking blogger" and "creative blogger" awards given by all my friends! Oh! and yeah, I'll post pictures of the pies I've been making lately too! I've been stressed and I needed some chocolate and I've also practiced a little hospitality and took a pie to our new military neighbors!

See you in a few...

17 sweet friends had to say...:

Musicaljean said...

If you're like me you work best under pressure, so I'm sure you'll get it all done.

With VBS finished, my biggest stressors of the summer are now behind me. So I have about five weeks until school starts and I know that I will have to push myself to accomplish the necessary, but not urgent, things that remain on my list for this summer (my overflowing filing cabinet, church musicians' notebooks that need to be updated, a family tree project that I promised my aunt I would work on over summer, etc.)

justabeachkat said...

Hi Girlfriend

I just sent up a prayer for you for calmness and energy and determination. You'll be fine. I just know it. Take time to enjoy it all. Look forward to hearing all about it.


Tonja said...

Don't ya know, it's always the busiesr people that are asked to do something else....and they usually say "yes." Just keep a little chocolate in your purse and you'll be fine.

I'm at Santa Rosa Beach with my family for the week. We're looking forward to a fun week.

And, there's also that "famous person" I'm hoping to see.

Blessings and calmness to you,

Shelly said...

Girl you are a nut!!!

Don't worry about us in blogville! We'll wait patiently for you to catch your breathe! And the Lord will maximize your time! He's got to - b/c I'm believing Him for the same thing in my life!

MorningSong said...

You do need to rest sometime! Don't over do it! It sounds like your schedule has been filled with several fun events lately! I guess it is good to pack the summer full so you enjoy every moment!! It passes so quickly. Have fun!!!!

Melody said...


Just stopped by to say hi, and see that you're out...but hey, I'll take a piece of pie and wait it out! See you when you get back!

Penless Thoughts said...

Keep up the good fight.

Southern Heart said...

I hope that everything goes well with the band activities! (Chocolate cures just about everything, doesn't it?) :)

Profbaugh said...

Oy my goodness! I knew I liked you for a reason, Tracy. You see I'm a band "geek." Currently, I'm an alumni band board member at Illinois State University. I know how much work goes into a good band camp. So, good luck with all your band activities. Wish I were there, I'd give you a hand. Know that I'll be thinking about you (and marching a bit as I'm praying). You go Band Booster Pres.!!!

From one band geek to another,

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I remember those band parent days... I once was talked into sewing flags.
5 different types, 16 of each.

Now Rob is marching with the Southerners at Jacksonville State. All they want from me is $$

LivingTheLife said...

Wow! You're so busy...I remember those kids weren't in band...but we were uber involved in everyting they did...they both were in sports...and student leadership....along with a few other things...and it really took me till after they moved off to college b/f I learned to say "no"...but I loved every sleepless night, every boring meeting and all the fun we had being so I'll be sending up prayers for you to have stamina, calm and wisdom during the next few's a great kind of exhaustion!! Take care of yourself, plenty of water...oh! and don't skimp on desserts...I loved that you pointed that fact out...I really never thought of that!! Now...being stressed will be a bit more manageable!!


Rhoda said...

Hey, Tracey! Eat some chocolate for me. We went through a chocolate cake over the weekend at my Dad's B'day party. I see your mom had a birthday recently too. It's a Happy Birthday month.

We'll see ya when you get back.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'll say a little prayr for you for stamina! How sweet of you to bake a pie for your new neighbors!

justabeachkat said...

Just wanted to say I miss hearing from you.

Hope all is going well.


Musicaljean said...

And I'm saying "Amen" to what Kat said. I know you're doing what you gotta do, but I surely do miss you!

justabeachkat said...


I'm having to leave another comment here since the e-mails won't go thru to you. We gotta figure that out somehow.

Anyway, I got your e-mail earlier. Thanks.

I'm so sorry about your migraine. What a coincidence...I woke this morning with one at 5AM. Thank goodness, I took medicine right away and it didn't last long since I sure would have hated to miss having lunch with Tonja.

I hope things are getting a little better and you'll be able to get back to blogging soon. I almost called you today, but was afraid to bother you since you're so busy right now. Give me a call when you can talk.


Sandy said...

Yay for practicing hospitality in the pie department! :) I love that pix, desserts backwards! That is great!

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