The Spoon Stands Alone

Yesterday morning over breakfast, my husband and I were having a conversation regarding our 16 year old son that has lost a bunch of weight over the past year. My husband made the comment that he seems obsessed with losing weight, to which I replied "I wish I were obsessed with something..." Hubby then opened his mouth as if he had something to add, paused, thought better about traveling down that road, and then took another sip of his coffee.

Okay, so I'm a little O.C.D., but only about some things. I do have the clothes in my closet organized according to color and item. All pants and dresses on the left, from darkest to lightest, all tops, blazers and skirts on the right, beginning with blacks and moving so beautifully around the color wheel and ending with whites. Shoes neatly in line from dressy to casual. It just makes me happy to walk in there and twirl around in the blissful organization! I also don't like to go to bed at night if I have any dirty dishes in the sink or a messy kitchen.

Which brings me to another point. Men should never load the dishwasher. Can I get an "amen" out there?! Is this something women are just born with the "know-how" to do? I don't remember anyone having to take me aside and say, "now this is how you load the dishwasher." But for some reason, no matter how many times I show my hubby, he can't seem to get it. Maybe he doesn't want to get it! Ahh-ha! That's it!

Now ladies, I am grateful for a man who helps out around the house and even attempts to load the dishwasher. Without fail though, with dishes piled high in the sink, he will say, "nothing else will fit in the dishwasher" to which I politely shove, I mean, ask him to step aside and proceed to get every last plate, utensil and pot into the dishwasher...that is, after I completely re-do everything he has already loaded.

He also doesn't understand the compartmentalized utensil basket. I tell him, "forks with forks, spoons with spoons," etc. This just makes it easier to put them away once they are clean. Plus, it's all nice and organized and "doesn't that make you happy?" My comments are met with a blank stare. Okay, so I didn't marry him for his dishwasher loading skills.

One final thought, have you ever wondered why the spoon stands alone? I mean, the farmer takes a wife, the wife takes a cow, the cow takes a pig, and so on and so on, but in the end, the spoon stands alone. What did the spoon ever do, other than confuse us with that freaky reflection side upside down, the other side normal.

Sidenote: I'm losing my mind! My good friend, Dianne, pointed out to me that it's the CHEESE that stands alone!!! Isn't there something about a spoon in some song or nursery rhyme? Maybe it's the dish that runs away with the spoon! Either way, my spoons are standing alone in the dishwasher!!!

13 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

The funny thing, knowing both you and Gary, is that, in my mind, I can see this whole story taking place. How funny!

Di-dan said...

I've been racking my mind about that lyric you closed with since you mentioned it and I thought it ended that the cheese stands alone...I don't get that anyway! :-) You crack me up....

RealEstateGirl said...

Dianne, I am laughing out loud!!! You're IS the cheese stands alone!!!

So what is the one about the spoon? I'm losing my mind!!!

Di-dan said...

Hey diddle diddle,
the cat and the fiddle
the cow jumped over the moon
the little dog laughed
to see such sport
and the dish ran away with the spoon...

Don't be impressed...I had to do a google search to get it! :-)

org junkie said...

You crack me up...what a fun post and yes I totally can

Thanks for visiting me. I'm going to bookmark you as I love to meet other "junkies".


chrome dome said...

The gas grill is my domain! I'll leave the dishwashin' to the womenfolk.

NspiredByFaith said...

You are too funny! I must agree, men should not load the dishwasher! Ughhh! I have this uncle who is a fabulous cook, (I'm talkin cream corn(the good kind) pintos and cornbread, turnip greens) GOOD SOUTHERN COOKIN! Well, yesterday after wallering in some of his cooking, I suggested he teach my husband, who has cooked for me exactly twice in 10 years, how to cook. My sweet gentle kind uncle so kindly informed me that maybe since my husband worked so hard, I should just cook good food for him and not worry about teaching him. Coming from anyone else, this would not have been funny, but from him, it was hillarious!

justabeachkat said...

I've often thought the same thing (I wished I could be obsessed with so and so), but I think what we're really wishing for is the discipline to stick with something. Right?

A big AMEN to husbands loading the dishwasher!

musicaljean said...

I loved the nursery rhyme debate. I play that game with my preschoolers, but when you said, "The spoon stands alone" I thought they must have a different version of it in the south!!

And yes, I can relate to the dishwasher dilemna. There are times, however, that I just have to let go and let him load it because I just have too much to do, and I need HELP - any help I can get!

Tonja said...

Your nursery rhyme dilemma reminded me of this one:Rock a bye baby
In the tree top,When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, Down will come baby, cradle and all!
Now isn't this a calming little ditty to sing to a baby. And who would put them in the tree in the first place? The little baby must be fighting sleep for all he's worth to avoid that fun fall from the treetops!

Mindy said...

This made me laugh out loud!
I was reading along and came to the statement that the spoon stands alone...and thought "I thought the cheese stands alone" and then read on to see what you said and that is just SOOO funny! Maybe the cheese stands alone because it's stinky cheese?
The spoon - oh yes - the cat and the fiddle. the dish and the spoon!
I see that di-dan, like me, must be way up on her Nursery Rhymes =)
Now if I could catch up and be that up on my Scripture memorization I would be in great condition!
In Him -

Melody said...

Okay, may I just interject here one second? My Prince Charming sorted laundry the other day...shirts and socks, pants and underwear, jeans and towels...those were his three loads, not darks, lights, and whites...shirts and socks, pants and underwear, jeans and towels. I was speechless!
Mind you this is the same man who informed me, when I married him that laundry had to be sorted by color, AND fabric type, and when transferring from the washer to the dryer, each item needed to be removed from the washer INDIVIDUALLY and then shaken out to remove excess wrinkles and to make them dry faster BEFORE they were put in the dryer!

I still can't believe it...shirts and socks???

Lynne said...

I have to confess to a little bit of OCD too. My kitchen dishes are 4 colors - red, green, gold and blue. I have the plates stacked red, gold, green, blue and have a fit it someone puts them away in a different order. The cereal bowls - you need a mathematical formula to determine how I have them arranged. Also, when I set the table, no one can have a cup, bowl, salad plate, and dinner plate all the same color. And everyone has to have different colors.

Don't get me started on the silverware and glasses and cookware.

And my daughters have the nerve to laugh at me!

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