The Safety and Comfort of a Father's Love

I don't know if any of you saw this story this morning on The Today Show. I went in to wake Zack up for school, turned on his tv, and was a tearful mess in a matter of minutes! Click here to watch the video. (It will show a brief commercial, then the video)

This soldier just returned from Iraq after being gone for 7 months. He showed up at his son's school on "Show and Tell" day. He walks in the door, calls out his son's name and this precious 6 year old hears his Dad's voice and runs and jumps in his arms crying and telling his daddy how much he has missed him. I was a wreck! I was telling Gary about it at dinner, a weepy mess again, then came home and showed him the video, yep, more tears.

I've thought about it several times throughout the day today and the verse that came to mind was this, "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." (John 10:27) What a beautiful example this was of a father's love, comfort, safety and security. The child recognized his father's voice immediately.

Do we recognize our Heavenly Father's voice? More importantly, do we listen for it? If only we would run to our Heavenly Father and seek shelter in the safety and security of His loving arms as this child did to his dad. Whatever you're going through, whether it be divorce, miscarriage, health issues, financial problems, loss of a loved one, ...the Lord is waiting, with arms outstretched...will you run to Him?

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Di-dan said...

I saw this video on the Today Show this morning and thought the same thing. That was a sweet little boy no doubt...but I do not know how the dad wasn't crying too! Matt Lauer came back after the video and said he tears up just picking his kids up from school every afternoon, he couldn't imagine what it would be like to be away for 7 months.

Fortunately this little boy's dad came back, but I've become accutely aware these last several months that there are many who don't have this happy ending. After seeing what my brother-in-law's family has experienced (and continue to deal with) since his nephew's death last October and being part of the funeral for another last week, it really makes me see how lucky these people are that have loved ones return.

That was a great video. Thanks for posting it.

NspiredByFaith said...

I am a faithful Today show watcher, and saw this earlier this morning. I too was a blubbering mess! I can't imagine not seeing my Dad every few days at MY age, I can't imagine how hard it has been for this little boy! Or for his Dad!!

I was in 9th grade during Desert Storm and my history class had pen pals in Iraq. My pen pal was my 1st cousin's wife's brother and we still have a special relationship to this day! I actually still have every letter or momento he sent me. He surprised me by showing up at my baby shower! He said I made a difference in his life at a very difficult time, and he wanted to help me celebrate this special time in my life! So Sweet! Thanks for sharing the video, and the thoughts! Great post!

justabeachkat said...

I didn't see the show this morning so I'm glad you posted it. What a special video! Loved it.

sniff sniff

musicaljean said...

Yes, I saw it too, just as I was ready to leave for school. That little face as he ran toward his dad - I'm tearing up again just thinking about it.

And thanks, Tracey, for adding that convicting spiritual application to your post. How easily I take my Heavenly Father for granted.

Krista said...

Thanks for sharing that video --that makes my heart so happy--but Im so sad to know there are so many others that are missing their daddies.

Southern Girl said...

I saw this video on CNN's website yesterday evening -- yup, made me bawl like a baby. What a sweet little boy and what a hero his father is. Praise the Lord he made it home safely!

Tonja said...

It just makes me want to smack those people who don't support our troops and give them the respect and admiration they so deserve. This was a beautiful video and I loved your follow-up.

Iris Godfrey said...

Really sweet and the conclusions you have drawn are very much worth pondering.

Kelley said...

I love this story... thanks for sharing it. I thought of the very same verse as I was reading your post.

Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend too. Thankfully, it's raining here tonight so maybe the world will look different in the morning, (and by that, I mean no more pollen dust!).

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