Show Me State...of Mind

Well, I never thought of myself to be one of "those" blogger people. I would always think, "who has time for this?"...but I found myself checking blogs of my friends, my hubby, my music minister, and so on and so on....and I thought, "well, I have time to read other blogs, why not start my own?" I don't consider myself a writer, so don't come here looking for anything profound. This will just be my outlet...sometimes to vent, maybe some "Deep Thoughts" occasionally, but mostly just a glimpse into my everyday life.

The title, well, for those of you that know me, it pretty well sums up my personality. I tend to question things alot, I don't believe in things easily. I have to see it for myself, study it myself, prove it to myself. Get the picture? A good friend of mine would always kid me by asking if I was from Missouri. I'm not really sure why I'm that way. I tend to distrust, I expect to be let down, and my glass is usually half empty. Wow! Debbie Downer! I really am a fun person to hang out with...I think...anyone out there care to comment? Okay, enough for now before this starts sounding like a personal ad!

Feel free to stop by anytime...cause I'll be checking you out too!

2 sweet friends had to say...:

Cantini #3 said...

ok...I'll comment on "Debbie Downer"....yes, you are one of the most fun people to hang out with and laugh with....there is no dobut about that! We have laughed until we cried on many an occasion. Can't wait to read more....miss you too....Chelle

JPC88 said...

Real Estate MOGEL! Nice pictures! I bet that vacation was fun! Good to talk to you again! Y'all look great, also!

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