...and I pay for this?

I just got back from the Doctor. I had a laundry list of things I wanted to talk with him about, the first being I'm turning 40 next month and I know there's nothing he can do to help that...but I feel like I'm falling apart.

Doc, about a week and a half ago I found a knot in my stomach and thought I ought to have it checked out...is it serious? "No, I think it might just be a fatty deposit that has calcified. Keep an eye on it." And I pay for this? I don't need a doctor to tell me I have fatty deposits...I can see that in the mirror!!!

Doc, I have headaches every day and pop Excedrin Migraine pills like candy. "Stop taking the headache pills." And I pay for this? Are you serious? Yeah, so he informed me that a) taking too much over-the-counter medicines can cause bleeding ulcers; and b) that these pills aren't treating the headaches, they could be causing them. Hmmmm...doesn't make sense to me, but you're the professional!

He wrote 2 prescriptions...said to give him a month and he promised it would resolve my headache issues. Oh, and another thing...no more OTC medicines...period. So, I informed him that I probably wasn't going to be very happy with him the first couple of days, and my husband was probably going to be more unhappy with him...but I would trust him and give it a shot.

Oh yeah, one more piece of good news. "We want to see you in a month and get a complete physical." Sure thing Doc...I'll see if I can lose 50 pounds by then!

3 sweet friends had to say...:

JPC88 said...

I'm going Friday for my complete physical! Join the club!

Di-dan said...

Your playful blogs crack me up...they are just FUN to read. I'm glad everything turned out okay. I was going to either e-mail or call to ask and I remembered to pray for you this morning! It is bad getting older, but just remember, you have friends who are older than you (wonder who THAT could be!!), so you are in good company!

Cantini #3 said...

I forgot that you are turning 40 in August...when's the par-tay???

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