Drivin' me NUTS!

It's funny the things you start to notice and sometimes begin to miss when you move to a different area. When we moved here a little over 6 years ago from Georgia, it seemed like it was one big cow pasture. All the neighborhoods had no trees and hence, no squirrels. I kept saying to Gary, "why are there no squirrels in Alabama?" Not that it was keeping me up at night or anything... but I just thought it was odd that there was not ONE squirrel to be found! Well, after 3 years of living in a newer neighborhood, we were outgrowing our home and needed more room. We started searching different areas of town and realized that we could get much more house if we searched in the older areas. We immediately fell in love with this part of town because it reminded us so much of "home"....trees everywhere, dogwoods, azaleas...just beautiful! We found a house built in the 70's that had been almost completely remodeled. It's got a 20' wall of windows in the Great Room and we are surrounded by trees (not good for the pool...but that's another story!) After we moved in, it was so nice to sit in the Great Room and watch all the squirrels jump from tree to tree---we felt like we were at a cabin in the mountains. Finally! There are squirrels in Alabama!

Three and a half years later I'm wondering what it was I was missing about those pesky rodents! They dig in my flowers, leave their half-eaten nut shells all over our deck and I believe it's a contest between them to see who can beam me in the head the most with acorns from our back door to the car! It's true...I see them high-fiving each other like those squirrels on the Geicko commercials when they actually hit me with an acorn! They're drivin' me nuts! Our common-law married hippies that live next door would tell us we've invaded their space ...learn to live in peace with nature!

Yeah, yeah...go hug a tree and get outta my yard!

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Di-dan said...

I'm with you on the squirrel issue, no doubt. They were ALL over the place when I lived across from the church and irritated me to death. That is one thing that I DEFINITELY don't miss....now the cheap rent...that's another story! :-)

Oh sorry...I mean ira-ira-irritated me! :-)

Jennifer said...


Loved reading this. We have squirrels that I totally believe live to play chicken with me while I'm driving in our neighborhood. It's like they're saying, "I dare you to hit me."


The one thing I'm afraid of is running one over in my driveway. yuck! Ya think I can get Allycat's hubby to clean that mess up if I do?

chrome dome said...

Yeah, the tree-huggers next door are a trip! Remember the time we were having trees cut down IN OUR YARD and he almost had a coronary?

Cantini #3 said...

When Tommy came to the states for the first time when he was 2 years old, he had never seen a squirrel. He asked his mom why the rats had such furry tails...I guess that's what they really are, huh?

JPC88 said...

Pleeeaaassee visit my blog, I am putting up a picture just for you!

JPC88 said...

Hey I aint sayin nothin, but that squirrel in my post USED to live in my attic! I don't know where he lives now!

Allycat said...

We definately have kamikaze squirels in our neighborhood.

Jen, just yell "clean up in the PV driveway" and I am sure the husband will be right over! Your boys will be eager to help, right?

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