I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

Oh my goodness! I almost missed Boomama's Bloggy Christmas Tour! Better late then never, right?!

This is me and my two favorite guys, my hubby, Gary, and my son (and only child), Zack.

Welcome to our home. Hubs was in charge of "Exterior Illumination", he's better known as Gary Griswold! "Let's add just one more strand..."

This is taken from the back deck looking into the Great Room

I collect snowmen and this cheery guy will welcome you as you come in through the kitchen door. I made you a red velvet cake, but me and my boys had to try it before you got here, just to make sure it was okay!

Hubby hung some Christmas balls in cobalt blue and lime green to match my kitchen. They are hung with fishing line, so they almost look suspended in air! I love them!

Here's the tree in the kitchen. It has a Disney theme and some of my favorite ornaments from when Zack was growing up...

...like this one...from his first Christmas...

From the kitchen, you'll enter the dining room. I love to completely transform the china cabinet with Christmas china and figurines.

Next you'll find yourself in the office, where I spend most of my time (aside from the kitchen). This is our patriotic tree!

Now let's head down the stairs to the Great Room. Here is my favorite tree! It's 12 feet and decorated in crystal, silver and blue ornaments. This is also where you'll find some of my snowman collection on the entertainment center and the village and the stockings on the mantle.

Here's a better picture of the tree, along with the lighted garland and wreath hanging on the "overlook" upstairs.

This is the view looking outside onto the back deck from the upstairs "overlook".

Another one of my favorite things...the Nativity which is located on one of my sofa tables.

This is something new we've added this year. Hubby got me the table, mirror and lamp (not pictured) for Mother's Day. This is located in the long upstairs "hall" which overlooks the Great Room. I added a silver tree with two silver deer for a festive feel.

Here is my son's tree. This year he wanted to decorate it in an Atlanta Braves theme. We did pretty good finding lots of ornaments!

I thought this one was precious! It reminded me of how much he loved the Braves, even as a child, and to this day!

Here is hubby's tree in our Master Bedroom. It's his "nostalgic" tree. It has those tacky big colored bulbs and lots of tinsel. We also have a ceramic tree on the dresser that was passed down from my mom---which reminds me so much of my childhood.

I think that wraps up the tour. Thank you so much for stopping by! I love meeting new friends--so leave me a comment so I can repay the visit!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

29 sweet friends had to say...:

Alycia said...

You have a beautifully decorated home! I just love all of those Christmas lights ~ job well done to your husband! And, your trees truly are striking! Merry Christmas from Okinawa Japan

Nadine said...

Wow the outside lights are magnificant. What a great job. I'm glad you joined this tour. I really enjoyed your beautiful home. Merry Christmas.

Antique Mommy said...

Wow! I love the Mickey Mouse ornament. Makes me weepy. And I love your china and all those lights! Wow! May I come over?? :)

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

I love red velvet cake, acutally my hubby & I were married Christmas day, and red velevt was our wedding cake. Merry Christmas!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Tracey! So glad I got to tour your home too. A 12' tree..you go girl. ANd wowsa, you've got a lot of trees. I only did 2 this year. It's all so pretty & festive. Looks like you've been really busy getting it all out. Oh, I'll take a slice of that red velvet cake, but after Christmas there is a ban of all sweets. I've OD'd this year.

Big hugs, my friend!

Lori said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tour!

Southern Heart said...

Tracey, your home looks so pretty...I love all of your trees and that pretty village, and your son did a great job with his! I thought this his first ornament on your tree was so sweet. Your DH does do the lights up right, too! We'll have to get these two Griswold men together. :) That cake looks yummy (I just got home, so I'm hungry!). Most importantly, you have a very beautiful family!

Merry Christmas,


Jungle Mom said...

WOW! Your house is beautiful!
Merry Christmas.

Tonja said...

Hi Tracey...Just checking in to see if I approve of the decor..outside. AND...I DO ! It's very tastefully done. It has a cohesive look to it. Well planned out and executed. I find nothing annoying or offensive in this outside display of Christmas Spirit. Beautiful! All the lights match and there is a delightful flow to the decor.

Lest anyone think I have a lot of nerve critiquing her decor...this is said with a wink...Tracey's understands.

:) :) It really is lovely...outside and inside. Love all the trees! How fun to see all your treasures each year as you decorate!

Musicaljean said...

This post makes me feel nostalgic because the first time I ever visited your blog was a year ago when you were giving your Christmas decoration tour! Now I am enjoying it so much more because I know the beautiful person who makes that house a "home". Your home is really beautiful. And I loved Tonja's critique - it was so Tonja!!

justabeachkat said...

It all looks wonderful Tracey! You did a wonderful job...with the decorating and the tour!

I'm frantically trying to "catch up"...being away for 5 days during this time was kinda crazy. We had fun on our trip, but oh my! I've got to hustle to get it all done.

Christmas hugs!

Fulmer Fam said...

Thx for your visit and I love your snowmen as well, also your village is it Dep. 56? I have alot of village from my Grandma Joie, but with a two year old and a newborn I decided to forgo that tradition this year and probably for a few more. I especially loved the hanging ornaments, I might try that next year with my silver snowflakes. What did he use to attach them to the ceiling? Have a blessed Christmas.

Carrie said...

Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home! Everything is so lovely and well-placed. I love all the collections and themed trees.

Jessica said...

Tracey, you've certainly put a lot of effort into transforming your home into a Christmas wonderland. I couldn't believe how many trees you have - they are all so beautiful. Have a warm and snuggly Christmas!

PS. Thanks for you encouraging comments on my site.

Chrissie said...

Oh! How lovely! The house lights are stunning! I'm impressed by all you Christmas trees - especially the patriotic one - perfect!! The suspended ornaments are such a cool idea - I'd like to try that next year! Thanks so much for letting me come by! Your visit was a treat! Thanks!
God bless you and yours this Christmas!

~Heather~ said...

So pretty!! How many trees is that in total?? I lost count!!

Merry Christmas to you!!

http://loveconquersall.typepad.com/ said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me!

I also have enjoyed looking at your Amazing home! What a beautiful sight to see. You have a way with decor. I feel so warm coming here;-))

(Just curious), which cat were you talking about, the real one or the one on my table all dressed up? LOL!

Merry Christmas!
Jeannene at Love Conquers All

Sharijoy said...

You have a very beautiful home! Love all the trees when do you find the time?? I could barely do our 9 foot one. we had a 12 too but the width took up half of the living room so I had to returen it for the 9... but it works! Your outside is wonderful too! Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Lynne said...

Tracey - Your home looks beautiful inside and out. The big tree is gorgeous! I like the idea of extra trees - I'd do that if I had more room.

SAHMmy Says said...

Beautiful family! Atta boy to hubs on the exterior light job! All your trees are fabulous! Of course I'm partial to the Disney one :) I have an identical setup with the kitchen window and "gingerbread" overhead cabinet apron--will do the hanging balls next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

MorningSong said...

So lovely!!! Thanks for visiting me the other day! I miss visiting you too! I just don't have the time like I used to! It is great to hear from you and your Christmas decor is beautiful!! I love that your hubby enjoys doing exterior lights! Mine does it out of "if I don't do this she will drive me nuts" reasoning!! :) At least it still gets done, just not this year! haha

Blessings and Merry Christmas Paula Dean!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the lights! they are so beautiful!!!

Sandy said...

Love the photos and the tour thru your home!
Merry Christmas!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Girl you are way over the top! I love it
I'll be by for a sliver of that red velvet cake =D
Merry Christmas Y'all

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Everything looks beautiful, Tracey. And, I learned something new ... you're a fellow snowman collector! Tell hubby Griswold he did good, too!

Carrie said...

You are invited to visit the nativity scenes gallery posted Dec. 23 at Oak Rise Cottage blog. The collection includes over 50 countries from the various continents. Each nativity set expresses the story of Christ’s birth according to the perspective of the artist:
Hope to see you soon,

Elaine A. said...

My gosh you have so many beautiful trees, I had to look a second time! Thanks for the tour and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I didn't make it to this tour before Christmas, but I'm glad I did now. your home is gorgeous! So festive. I love the lights! And I really like the window with the ornaments hung in a row. You will probably recognize those in MY tour next year. ;)

Hope your holiday was happy!!

Melody said...

Oh my goodness....I honestly don't see how you find the time to do all you do, keep your home so clean and beautiful, and STILL decorate like that??? Will you adopt me and let me live at your house?

And just out of curiosity, where in the world did you manage to find tinsel? My sister and I were just discussing how we haven't even seen any in so long, and yet growing up, that was the biggest part of decorating the tree!

Your house is gorgeous, and your decorations are stunning! Can we do a tour of your home every month?

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