B's Bombard Birmingham

This past weekend, the "B Club" girls bombarded Birmingham! Could you hear the laughter? Could you hear the continuous chatter? We had so much fun! Wish ALL the girls could have been there!

Friday, Dianne (Glasses of Grace) drove down from Atlanta and met at my house, then we both went over to Birmingham to meet Kat (Justabeachkat), Tonja (Gatherings) and Sandi (Whistlestop Cafe) at the Cheesecake Factory at The Summit. After a long wait (but who noticed other than our growling stomachs?) we were finally seated and enjoyed a delicious meal and lots of sillyness and good conversation.

On the phone with Jean (What's up at the Stauffers?...or Musical Jean on my blog!). We each passed the phone around and told her how much we missed her and wished she were there! We saved a seat at the table for you (I think Tonja has those pictures).

Group shot at dinner (crop, ladies, crop!)
Woah! Can you say overexposed?! I'm really not that white! A little too close to the flash!
Tonja, Sandi, Me
Dianne and Kat

Let the sillyness begin...
I won't say what Tonja is doing, but look how hard I'm laughing!

These "to go" bags are the perfect size for a bonnet!

Saturday, we drove back over to Birmingham to meet the girls just after breakfast for some shopping and lunch. Kat got each one of us a flamingo Christmas ornament and Tonja made us each a necklace with a "B" charm on it! So very sweet and thoughtful! That morning, we got to visit with Jill (Who Could Ask for Anything More) for just a little while---she had driven over from Atlanta and had to get back for previously scheduled entertaining, but we are so glad we got to meet in real life...and by the way, she is just as beautiful in person and really, really tall!

The group outside of Anthropologie (Rhoda, Me, Kat, Sandi, Tonja, Jill, Dianne)

We shopped around The Summit for a little while and then Rhoda (Southern Hospitality) took us over to a wonderful, quaint little area in Homewood with lots of shoppes! We had a wonderful day, the weather was perfect, and a great lunch at O'Carrs. Then we each went our separate ways.

Lunch at O'Carrs. We were so glad Joy, Tonja's sister could join us!

Now give us your best side! Even sticking her tongue out, I've never see Kat take a bad picture!

Back home...gotta get the "annual" picture in front of the tree before Dianne heads back to Atlanta!

It's such a gift to connect with these ladies online, and an even greater blessing to meet them in person and continue that relationship as if it had been a lifelong friendship. I am so thankful for each one of you and can't wait for our next get together!

11 sweet friends had to say...:

Mindy said...

That looks like SO much fun!
My mother shops in Birmingham alot. I've heard they have great boutiques! Wish I could go there and shop!
OH -and LOVE the new blog design!
In HIM -

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Beautiful photos of the Babes!
I am not sure where those extra chins I am wearing came from (it is hard to crop that high!) Kat does not take a Bad picture~ and to think she is as gracious as she is pretty.

I'm sorry y'all got the Birmingham B Bug... I am wondering if it could have been a little cheesecake overload? =D

So where will the next Bombardment Be?

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh, what a wonderful time! I wish I could have stayed longer...I know there was lots more shopping and eating to be done. Thanks for sharing all these photos.

justabeachkat said...

It was sooooo much fun! Just not long enough for me. But, there's always next time, right? The spa trip idea sounds like a winner to me.

Okay girl....I cropped so I can't believe you put in that awful pic of me with my tongue out!!! Yuk!
But I have to say, the one of Dianne with the bag is too cute!

Christmas hugs to you sweet friend!

Tonja said...

Oh what fun we had! I love remembering it all! Every one was so much fun and fun to be with!
Thank goodness you didn't get my picture any earlier than you did!:)
Loved the one of Dianne!

The blog looks geat! Proud of you!

Southern Heart said...

I have so enjoyed reading about all of the fun you had! and I don't think I've seen a lovelier group of ladies! I'm glad that you had such a nice opportunity to get to know each other.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog...you have been such a thoughtful friend to me. :)


Dianne said...

Well, can I just say that I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy that you included that picture of me with that BAG on my head! GIRL! I guess that's payback for the picture I posted last year of us in front of your tree that you gave me a hard time about, huh? UGH! I should have known...it did make me giggle though, even if I do say so myself!

I did have a fun time, and to Kat, I love the picture of you sticking your tongue out. I knew when I took it that it would be cute! Actually, I like the spontaneous pictures the most, so I thought yours was adorable...it shows your cute personality.

windycorner said...

I've been reading ya'll's entries about the B'ham weekend. What a fun group! Looks like everyone took care of their shopping,too. How about a winter meeting in Florida?

Deedra said...

I am so jealous that you guys all got to get together! It looks like you had so much fun! Plus it never hurts that the Summit is a fabulous place to shop. My brother used to live on 280, so I visited there every chance I got!

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for checking in on my blog. We have been in Paraguay and just got back. The internet there was SOOO slow.

Lyndy said...

What a wonderful time is looks like y’all had. I most certainly hope to make the next one. Great pictures, thanks so much for sharing with us that could not be there.

Have a blessed weekend.

Hugs, Lyndy

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