Christmas Bloggy Miracle Needed

I had a wonderful weekend with the "B" girls and will post pictures soon....but right now I'm in the middle of a BIG 'OLE MESS with my blog!!! I'm trying to change some stuff around and now I think I've messed it up!!!

All you bloggy girls that have cute Christmas layouts...I am in need of a Christmas Bloggy blog needs help!

7 sweet friends had to say...:

Musicaljean said...

Your header is beautiful!!

RealEstateGirl said...

I'm unable to get rid of the original border from the original blog behind the header...see that yucky green border...

Also, how can I change the background...the light green color?

Help me sistas!

justabeachkat said...

I love your new look, but I see what you mean about the old header behind the new one. It looks like you need to resize your new header photo.

Call me if I can help.

Hugs and good luck!

Musicaljean said...

When I changed mine last week, I had to pick a new template. With my old template it looked like the header picture was over top of the old header, just like yours, only a lot worse. I chose the very first template and then the header picture worked, Lynne told me that the header picture has to be 460 pixels wide, I think.

LivingTheLife said...

Well...Tracy...I really didn't notice anything wrong with your new looks cheery and very festive...I did go back and look at your header...can't you just go in and delete the old header and replace it with your new one...maybe that's what you did...but I would have thought deleleting it would give you a blank the sparkly tree on the sidebar...see...I can' EVEN do that...AND I would really love to have a beautiful backdrop to my blog in a very lovely Christmas theme...but I haven't figured that one out I just play around with it every now and then...change up some colors and pictures and call er' done...until someone takes me by the hand and tutors me for a very long time!

I love your new pics on the side...your hair is fabulous...I love it even more than the previous picture...I'm not sure but I think you are getting younger...and not older...hmmmm that's not fair...however, I believe you're such a lovely woman no improvement is needed...but if God wants to make you look younger while I continue to age...well...I guess I'll be happy for

Good luck, sorry I am of no help...but it does look good to me.


P.S. I so wanted to be with you guys at the B group outing...but too many things going on here at the I'm having to head off at the end of the week to Sacramento...and then a day of shopping/sight seeing in San Fran...looking forward to it..but I really need to be here, you ever have that delima??? Well, of course you're a mom.

Tonja said...

I love the new look! You are way ahead of me, Twinkly!

Melody said...

How, How, How did you do all that by yourself? I've only ever been able to change my header!

On second thought, I don't want to know, I'd rather scrounge up the money to pay someone else to do it...I already have enough projects half-finished around here, LOL!

Looks great! Totally You!

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