Is Anyone Still Out There???

I have been a terrible excuses...I know we all are busy, so I'm not even going to try to run down my list of reasons why I haven't blogged!

We just got back from taking Zack back to UCF for the Fall. He was only home a little over a week, which went by way too quickly, and then we had to pack him back up and move him back. Unfortunately, since he was going to be living in a different dorm than he did in the summer, we had to completely move him out at the end of summer term. It's a good thing, though! His "dorm" for the school year is much nicer! It's a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, apartment style dorm, plus he has a full size bed instead of a twin bed and his room is larger.

We just got back late Monday evening and I've been doing better this time---I miss him terribly, but I haven't cried for a week straight like I did when we took him down for summer term. Plus, I've also been busy with work, so that helps. Unfortunately, we took him down there just in time for "Fay" to hit Florida. They actually closed the campus Monday evening at 8:00 p.m. for 24 hours---the kids didn't have to leave, they just closed the restaurants, stores and student union. So, I've been one worried mama with one eye on the weather channel and the other texting him to make sure he's ok!

Here are some pics from the I'll be back soon with a post on some "observations" from our trip. Love y'all!
(All pictures are clickable)
Getting ready to leave...

This picture doesn't do justice to how packed my car was!
Here we are! Tower II...
Almost done setting up...can you tell by the look on his face that he is REALLY wishing I would put the camera down!
Notice what we were watching on tv!
Yep, he has his very own bathroom!
Kitchen...this is NOT my idea of clean! This is how we found it when we arrived. It was left like this from the previous "tennant". It literally looked and smelled like someone had just cooked a meal in there.
Living Room/Dining Room
Tower II
View from the Tower II patio looking out towards the football stadium
1st floor patio area...
Tower II (taken from the stadium area)
Yes, I have a ton of pictures of the fountain in the center of campus! I just love it!
We have found a new way to go that only takes us 7 hours from our doorstep to his---we go across 84 East to 75 South...we pass thru some quaint little towns with some interesting things. Here is a picture from a little town called Whigham. Don't think I'll be attending that event! Only in South Georgia!!!
By the way, I'm on Facebook if you're on there...look me up at "Tracey Brennan Shields-Kirksey"

6 sweet friends had to say...:

Tropical Mexican said...

Still here.

We were in Orlando Saturday.

What a nice dorm. When I was in school it was two of us in a 10 by 20 room with no AC, no Kitchen, and community bathroom.

Glad the move in went OK.

Amy said...

Oh, I have been a TERRIBLE friend this summer!!! We traveled, which I think you knew--but we ended up staying because my father in law was so ill! I have thought and prayed for you though, not that it matters, since I didn't let you know!

I can't even imagine what you must be going through dropping your son off at school. I have several years left but I know that it will go fast!

Lynne said...

Zach looks older and wiser! That's quite a dorm he's in. He's obviously a Braves fan - too bad they're doing so badly this year!

I'm sure he'll do fine down there. My sister lives in Orlando, and she said they just had a lot of rain from Fay, nothing serious.

And I'm sure you'll do fine too.

Musicaljean said...

Welcome back!!!! Yes, I'm still here, and I'm sure I checked in on you every day. I do miss hearing from you.

And that IS an amazing dorm set up!! Lisa is right - that was one tiny room we moved her into that first year. But Dick built her a loft so she could have some things under it, and we thought it was just adorable with her purple bedding and the purple rug we got. Ha, ha!!

Sherry said...

Looks like a very nice campus. Love his room. I'm sure it's nice to get him settled in. So glad you are doing better :)


justabeachkat said...

Well hello stranger! I do hope you'll join the "World of Blog" again soon. We miss you!

Lynne is right, Zach looks older. I loved seeing all the photos of his school and room. Wow...he's got it made for sure.


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