Road Trip!

I am so excited about going to UCF this weekend for their first game---and Zack's first game marching in a college band! I went by Cracker Barrel today after work and picked up two audio books to listen to on the way down and back (thanks Kat for that tip a while back and for my sweet award today!)...hopefully it will make the travel time go by faster.

Got my game tickets via Fed Ex and I'm ready to go! Lots of pictures when I return!

UCF let's goooooooooooo Knights!

7 sweet friends had to say...:

Dianne said...

Was Gary able to download those sermons we talked about the other night?

justabeachkat said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.


Musicaljean said...

That sounds like so much fun! Don't forget to show us the pictures afterward.

Tonja said...

My internet has been down, so since I just read this, By now your trip is probably over. I hope it was all you imagined! I know he did a great job and I bet he could feel your excitement all the way out on the field! So glad you got to go! Have a good week!

violetlady said...

Hi, Tracey -- have a great trip! How far a drive is it? Audio books are great, but I tend to get involved and not pay attention to my driving. I guess I should only use them when someone else is driving!

Musicaljean said...

Okay, Tracey, a month is long enough for me to go without hearing from you. Can you pleeeeease say something???

MorningSong said...

Hope you had a great trip! I bet this has been a strange change for you. Hope you are making it through this transition well.

(I need your email address again by the way.)

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