Sleepless in Montgomery

I'm still here. Thanks for checking on me. We got back late Monday night from Orlando. I've had a pretty rough week. I'm feeling sad and like a fish out of water. I don't know how to stop being a mom after almost 18 years of "mama-ing" ;-) The house is quiet without him here and I feel lonely. I will update with some pictures soon...but right now I don't feel like doing much of anything. I can't sleep and have little motivation to complete any tasks. I know it will all be okay, but right now I'm having a hard time adjusting. Just say a prayer when you think of me and check back soon! Love y'all.

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justabeachkat said...

Oh Girl! I know, I know! I've been there and done that. It's hard so I'm not gonna try to "pooh pooh" it. It's just something you have to work through yourself. What I CAN tell you is that you WILL be okay. You really will. This is part of God's plan. You've done an incredible job of being a mama and now it's time to enjoy your marriage. It's actually an exciting time. It's time for you and Gary to further enrich your marriage. It's an amazing gift. Truly.
I will pray for you. I already do each time I pray, but I will pray specifically for you to have peace of mind. (And some good sleep.)

Hugs and love to you sweet friend!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We are checking in!
You will be ok. Plan some thing- projects have gotten me through many a life crisis.

violetlady said...

Tracey, it really will be all right. You will be and Zack will be. I do remember when my daughter went off to college. I know how you feel as many of us do and we are here for you.

Sherry said...


I've never commented on your blog before but my heart goes out to you and feel I should today.

I can understand your "state of mind". I am the mom of one child: a son. Life is a series of phases and this is a new one for you. When we love someone, part of loving them is letting them take flight and leave the nest.

You are not to stop being a mother to Zach. You will always be his mom and nothing will ever change that. Your mama-ing will just need adjust to Zach's needs.

I'm sure missing the everyday encounter with him is very tough. Sending my son to college was scary but we all made it fine in the end.

I knew that I could not isolate my son but I could insulate him with God's Word. The day after his high school graduation I told him that my teaching and rearing him was almost complete. Now he would soon be going to college and be out on his own. I shared with him that I prayed our teachings of God and life would "stick". He assured me that it would. It has.
He is now married with two children (the youngest: 2 weeks old today). I posted a tribute to him for his birthday, June 7, on my blog and have pics, too. You can find it at:

An empty nest is not all bad. My husband and I are having the time of our life. Good days are ahead for you.

Leave these worries at the feet of your Savior. If you find yourself picking them up again, march right back there and lay them down. We can not change anything by worry, but can move mountains through prayer and faith. It just takes some more practice.

I don't want to offend but I must say that God can take better care of Zach than you can because he made him and knows Zach's heart and innermost thoughts.

Love and prayers to you my friend


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I can only imagine how quiet and empty the house must feel. Only time will help, and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Musicaljean said...

Oh Tracey, how well I know that feeling, not only when kids left our home for college or marriage, but when Destiny's situation changed dramatically several times and she was suddenly, unexpectedly gone. One thing I have done at times like this is to just "live" in the Psalms. David knew the depths of despair if anyone did, and he did so much crying out to God. Sometimes I like to change the pronouns around and turn those Psalms into God's words to me. For instance, here is my "turned around" version of Psalm 69:14 - 17.

I will rescue you from the mire. I will not let you sink. I will deliver you from those who hate you, from the deep waters.

I will not let the flood waters engulf you, or the depths swallow you up, or the pit close its mouth over you.

I will answer you, Tracey, out of the goodness of My love. In My great mercy I will turn to you.

I will not hide my face from you. I will answer you quickly for you are in trouble.

And here is Psalm 138:8

I will fulfill My purpose for you (and your family). My love, Tracey, endures forever. I will not abandon the works of My hands.

Tonja said...

You are, indeed, still a Mom! And believe it or not, you are going to enjoy a little while! He still needs his Mama, and you will see, he'll be calling for advice on this or that. Or just calling for no reason, but manage to slip in a question or two. I find that life is full of seasons...and this is the season for Zach to be on his own...but he will your little boy on and on. My 33 year old, Adam, had surgery this morning, and he called me last night to just say he was a little nervous. What he didn't say was, "Even though I'm a big boy and married, and on my own...I still need my Mama to tell me not to worry and that it will be OK."
These boys NEVER outgrow this. I know this 3 times over. So rest easy, my friend, let this season play out and relax. Take some time for you. It will pass and you will be fine!
God bless you!

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