The Obligatory Tip Jar

So I'm finding more and more often that my life could be a Seinfeld episode. My sister swears that there truly is a Seinfeld episode that covers just about everything one could deal with day in and day out.

The other day me and a couple of other Realtors decided to try this new mexican restaurant, Salsarita's, that just opened across the street from our office. It's one of those Moe's type of places where you walk up to the counter, place your order and walk down the line while they make your food and you tell them what you want on it, like an extra scoop of that yummy cilantro salsa, or "more olives please". Anyway, at the end of the buffet of available toppings, sits the cash register and the polite young know, the only one that can speak halfway decent english, waiting to take your money. And without fail, there it is, the 1920's milk jar with a tattered piece of paper taped to it with the word "Tips".

This jar always evokes such conflict within. On one hand, I'm thinking, "how is this different than Chick-fil-A?" I walk up to the counter, place my order, they make my food, ring it up and hand it to me. BUT you won't find a "tip jar" on any Chick-fil-A counter....or any "fast food" place for that matter. Unless you're coming to my table, placing the food before me and refilling my water glass why do you deserve a tip? For making my food? Isn't that your job?

But then there's the obligatory tip, you know the one, when the person in front of you drops a dollar or two in the jar and the nice lady behind the counter says "thank you very much" and then shoots you that look like she expects the same generosity from you. So, as I hand her my debit card, I'm digging thru my purse in search of that obligatory dollar. YES! I've got one! Just as I go to put it in the jar, she turns away and refills the cup holder next to the drink machine. WHAT???!!! Come on lady, you didn't see me put my dollar in! Oh, the dilema. For a split second, I thought of the Seinfeld episode where George puts a dollar in the tip jar, the calzone man doesn't see him do it, so he goes to take it out and put it in again and the guy thinks he's stealing! Now I'm wondering as I sign my debit receipt, "should I leave the 'tip' part blank?" I certainly don't want to tip twice for something that I don't think even deserves a tip in the first place. But does my tip count if she doesn't see me put it in? Geez, I guess not since I didn't receive the same flash of a smile and "thank you very much".

So now I'm declaring I'm done. Done with those tip jars at places where people are just doing their jobs. Tonight I drove thru my favorite Starbucks to order my favorite marble mocha machiatto, and lo and behold, a tip jar at the stinkin' drive thru window. Are you kidding me? I just paid four bucks for a small coffee and you want a tip too? Here's your tip...fill my coffee up to the lid. And get a clue, I work hard every day too and there's no tip jar on my desk!

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justabeachkat said...

I totally agree! What a funny story though.

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