Looks Like We're Still in Montgomery, Toto!

Don't worry! No need to call FEMA! We didn't get blown away by all the inclement weather and the tornados! Thanks for checking on me, friends. I've just been very busy the past couple of days.

I was determined to get the house clean this weekend. I won't tell you how long it's been since I "deep cleaned" the house...let's just say it was long overdue. Saturday started out with Chocolately goodness and ended in a slippery mess! I started my day with chocolate swirl coffee and chocolate chip pancakes. Yeah, yeah, I know...not too healthy...but we splurge on weekends! Then it was time to tackle those dust bunnies and get down to business cleaning every inch of this home. I mopped the kitchen, caught up on laundry, Gary cleaned bathrooms, I re-organized my closet, cleaned out other closets, which resulted in bags and bags of trash. Then late Saturday night I decided I was going to finish up by mopping the hardwood floors in the dining room and foyer. Things were going along fine and I was almost finished when the bucket decided to stop sliding across the floor and tipped over. A WAVE of Murphy's Oil went splashing across the foyer and onto the carpet in the office. I mean, the best surfers in Waikiki couldn't ride this wave! You know when you watch something happen and you're helpless, almost like it's happening in slow motion?! Well, that's how it was and hubby was just thrilled (not!) about having to pull out his shop vac from the storage room and vacuum up the carpet. Oh well, alls well that ends well.

Sunday was a good day at church and went to bed early because I've got a long week ahead of me. This week, I'm helping a friend of mine (previous employer) inventory the First Baptist Church of Montgomery. Long hours and alot of hard work.

I keep checking in on my friends and what ya'll have been up to! It's been fun making new friends too...if you have a minute, check out beachkat, musicaljean, the preacher's wife, and also stop by and say hello to my hubby!

Off to the Montgomery Symphony tonight...hubby plays cello and tonight they are doing a concert of Dvorak Symphony #8 in G, Bartok and Brahms Hungarian Dances. And I'm missing "24" for this?!

4 sweet friends had to say...:

justabeachkat said...

Soooo glad you posted. I was beginning to wonder what was up.

Oh my goodness! I was a slug all weekend and you were a busy, busy girl. Good for you! I guess both kinds of weekends are good. I now need to do what you did this weekend and it sounds like you need to do what I did! Funny!

Your breakfast sounds so yummy...never too much chocolate for me!

musicaljean said...

And I am wishing I could have gone to that awesome concert. I would go to something like that any night of the week instead of watching 24. (Easy for me to say - I've never watched 24!!)

Jennifer said...

Good on ya, Tracey. I was gone all weekend, so my house hasn't been cleaned in a while! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.

I just got caught up on your posts....I hope Zack's blood work come back alright. It sounds like his sense of humor is still just as healthy as always.


The Preachers Wife said...

Finally catching up on my reading! I may have barely missed you at FBC Montgomery...Was there on Saturday for the Renew conference. What a great day and a beautiful church...And also, thanks so much for the "reference" in your post! :*

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