Wound Up

What a week this has been! I've been wound up tighter than a drum (is that the correct saying? )---anyway...in December I changed Real Estate companies and have been in the process of transferring my listings and terminating contracts and re-working them under my new company.... ARRGGHH! I'm drowning in paperwork! Plus, I'm temporarily helping out at Zack's school in the Guidance Office three days a week and before I know it...the week is coming to an end and I feel like I've started 20 things and not finished any of them! Please tell me I'm not the only one that experiences this week-after-week! I consider myself to be a very organized person and very much into the details, but I find that I'm over-extended. Oh yeah, did I mention that Gary and I are the Band Booster Presidents too? That is a full-time job in itself! Lots going on in that area...some good and some not so good, but I'll save that for another day.

Anyway, we're doing better about what we're eating...BUT neither one of us has done a lick of exercise! I'm inspired when I read beachkat's posts about being on the treadmill and laughed out loud when she described her "outfit" that morning (at least you're working out!)...but then the motivation quickly leaves me and I get busy doing something else. I keep thinking..."one of these days..." Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm hearing the verse in my head about putting things off. I'm also hearing that saying about what the "road to (spelling) h-e-l-l" is paved with?!?! Maybe I need to go back and re-read my No Excuses post!

1 sweet friends had to say...:

justabeachkat said...

I'm glad my "outfit" description gave you a chuckle. It sure made me laugh when I saw myself in the mirror. I forgot to mention the head part - no makeup, hair standing on end, glasses (since I didn't have my contacts in). What a sight I was. BUT....I'm exercising! Got to give me credit for that. Especially, since (so far) I'm not doing well in the less eating part of my plan....ugh!

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