Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

and man, does she have an "eye" for it! My mom's cousin, Myrna (not sure what that makes her to me...second cousin? first cousin?) Anyway, she really has an "eye" for photography and takes some of the most beautiful pictures. She has a blog site and I wanted to share it with all my blogger here to view... I'm also adding her as a link on the side...

Also, update on Gary---he has 60% blockage in one artery and the doctor said they only do angioplasty if it's 70% blocked or more. I guess that's the good news...bad news is that he said those two words we HATE to hear..."diet" and "exercise" and "you must get that bad cholesterol down!" *big sigh* yeah, yeah, we know! Thanks to my friends for your prayers!

1 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

Did they mentioned medication for the cholesterol? :-) That's one thing I'm on. A pill is easier to take than to do the 'd' and 'e' words, although I am trying to hit the treadmill every night before I got to bed, believe it or not. Miracles never cease!

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