Every time you hear a bell ring...

Today I'm packing up Christmas. It makes me sad. I always feel we never have had enough time to enjoy our decorations, even though we start putting them up the week of Thanksgiving. I got 4 trees down, with one to go---but it's the mega tree, so I save it for last. It pretty much takes me an entire day to "un-decorate" the Great Room.

Or maybe I'm trying to hang on just a little longer. There's something magical in the air at Christmas time. The twinkling lights, the anticipation of knowing what gifts under the tree bear your name, the crackling of a warm fireplace, listening to Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. It's like we can step out of the reality that is our world and just forget our cares, the daily stresses and worries, and just enjoy the season of Christmas.

When the trees are packed up, the decorations carefully wrapped, the Christmas dishes stored for yet another year to pass, the realization of beginning work again, the bills piling up, deadines to meet, chores to be done, rushes over you as briskly and quickly as the northern wind, sending a chill up and down your spine.

But I want to hold on to the warmth. I want to hold on to the Christmas spirit, the joy and delight in seeing a gift that is truly treasured. In remembering the greatest gift ever given, that alone should create the warmth of Christmas each and every day in our hearts.

I want to find that warmth again, for I fear I've grown cold to that fire that once burned within. But yet I hold on, with knuckles white, trying to firmly grasp other things that have taken first place in my life.

This year, I want it to be different. Am I willing to make the changes and decisions and choices that I know will bring about change? Time will tell. But for now, I hold on to hope, with a grateful heart for all the Lord has done for me thus far.

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justabeachkat said...

Wow...what a beautifully written post Tracey. I totally agree with everything you wrote. Good job!

Hugs sweet friend!

Jennifer said...

What a heartfelt post, Tracey. You have such a sweet spirit and a heart for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Tracey, some wounds are deep and they heal over on the outside before they've been allowed to heal on the inside. When that is the case, we must open them so they can heal from the inside out. That can be very painful, but is needed for complete healing. Lovingly praying for you. Mike

Sheila said...

Tracey I love your site, I found you thru Kat's. We have so many things in common. I too have a son who is a senior, I also have a 20 yr daughter. I could have written this post these are my feelings completely. Are we secretly sisters? I will definetly be back to visit again....Have a blessed weekend.

Kelli said...

Great post, Tracey. What a perfect time of year to make a fresh commitment. God is so worth the effort. I will stop by again. Love your blog.


Tonja said...

This is a beautiful post...full of words that should come from us all. This should be our goal and our prayer for the new year.

Joy said...

Love this post Tracey! We've talked a great deal on these subjects. I pray 2008 will be the best for you. You deserve it!


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I agree and feel this way more and more with each passing year. I finally put the last decoration away this afternoon (Jan 6th). I do hope the new year is off to a good start for you, dear friend.

Chrissie said...

Hi, Tracey! You have really expressed my feelings. I didn't want to take down Christmas - it's like that every year. Although my blog didn't indicate it, I sure had a hard time coming down to the nitty gritty of getting the tree completely done and out for the garbage man to pick up - and it literally was the last possible minute. The garbage man came while I was trying to get the base off the tree, and he told me to put it on the other side of the street, and he'd pick it up. I'm still in Christmas mode, and it takes me till the middle of January to get it figured out - oops! it is the middle of January! Ahhhh!
Take care, dear friend, and God bless!

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