Judges, your scores please...

Can I just start this story by saying thank goodness, we don't have "instant replay" in real life!

Early this morning I had to go meet a contractor at "the house"...you know, the one that took forever to sell, the one with all the weird things that kept happening, etc. I was running a few minutes late, so I was already flustered. I met the contractor at the back door, proceeded through the foyer with contractor in tow, then out the front door.

Now let me just pause for a moment and remind you that this house was built in 1870. There is a pathway of cement pavers that lead up to the front porch, that are in need of some repair...some look as though they've been there for over a hundred years, broken and uneven.

I had an armful of files, my Palm Pilot, my car keys, and the house key with the keybox while I marched down the front porch steps and onto the walkway. Then, before I knew it, I was heading for the cement...hand and wrist hit first, followed by a hard hit to the knee and then what felt like a tummy tuck roll to the ground that would have made Mary Lou Retton proud! What a sight that must have been to these two construction guys...all before they even had their morning coffee!

Files went flying...paperwork went everywhere, my Palm Pilot bounced across the pavers, keys flew out of my hands and in one quick second I jumped back up to my feet, brushed myself off, gathered my things, all the while responding to these men with an "I'm fine, just fine!" "Wow, what a way to start the day! I'm fine, really! I am!"

Oh my word. The embarassment--the pain. When our business was finished, I got back in the car and thought, "wow, I'm really not fine!" My knee was throbbing (think Fred Flinstone when he would drop his bowling ball on his toe!) and my wrist was hurting even worse...and starting to swell. Ugghhh...not good.

Anyway, long story short (too late, right?), hubby took me for an x-ray and I have a fractured wrist. Yeah, fun day.

When I talked with my good friend, Liz (fellow realtor), she said, "See! I told you that ghost didn't want you to sell that house!"

15 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

Ghost or not, it sounds like somethin' was goin' on! Hope your wrist is better soon.

Cherdecor said...

So sorry about your fall and broken wrist. What a way to start a day! Hope it heals quickly.

Musicaljean said...

Unbelievable, Tracey! What is going on with us bloggers??? Cheryl fell in her kitchen the other week, I fell off some front steps the next day, Tonja sprained her ankle last week, now you fractured your wrist. Just crazy! So is it the hand you write and eat with? Hopefully not. I pray you won't have too much pain tonight, and that you'll heal really fast.

justabeachkat said...

I'm so sorry! Jean's right...too many falls. I hope mine from last year counts (the one where I broke both bones in my right leg)so I won't be the next one to fall!

Keep us posted on how you're doing.

chrome dome said...

Chevy Chase called...he says they need you for a guest "fall" on SNL.
I'm glad you're okay,
hon. "Superstar"!

Lynne said...

I have to admit - I laughed at your description of the fall. I'm sorry about the broken wrist - OUCH! And the sore knee. Hope all mends quickly.

Mindy said...

OH NO, Tracey! I am so clumsy that it isn't even funny -- so I just want you to know I feel your pain! And I would have done the exact same thing --jumped up saying "I'm okay, that blood gushing from that hole in my leg is just a scratch. Really I'm fine!"
Will be praying for you. your aches and pains and your wrist!
OH - and I have to ask - did you leave a polite southern invitation refusal on BooMama's site? I think I saw you said something about a rodeo..... I broke my foot when I fell through the bleachers at a RODEO.....=)
Will be praying sista!
Love- Mindy

NspiredByFaith said...

How awful! I hope your wrist heals fast! I must tell you, you are a very dedicated blogger to be posting with a fractured wrist, you go girl!

Jungle Mom said...

OUCH! I know where you can get a good massage to help you relax! LOL. Funny how you figured my Spanish out. But seriously, take it easy, ok?
I was wondering if it would be too much to ask if you could send me the article you wrote about your Dad?

Tonja said...

OUCH! I was thinking just what Jean said....maybe we are passing these "missteps" through the internet. I know how painful that can be. Please take care. Isn't it funny that when we do things like that, we all tend to jump up and act like we intended to put on a show for the world? Blessings.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh my goodness! Bless your heart!! or your wrist rather! I broke my right arm when 7 months pregnant...I was sooo ugly for weeks...couldn't blow dry my frizzy hair to smoothness or put my eyeliner on straight...Tra-ged-y
I just hope it doesn't keep you from bloggin'!

Take care girl...Hope it gets better really soon!!

Rhoda said...

So sorry about your fall, Tracey. I hate it when that happens...and your pride gets hurt just as bad when someone witnesses. I'm glad I wasn't with you....cause I tend to laugh when I see people fall down, myself included!

Southern Hospitality

Southern Girl said...

Ouch!! Bless your sweet heart! And your wrist...yikes. I've had more than my share of falls, so I know how terribly embarrassing it can be. Thankfully I've never broken anything when I hit the ground, but there's always the next time!

I hope you heal very quickly!

Pam said...

As my relatives say in West Virginia: "God love it!"

I see your injuries didn't prevent you from blogging, so praise the Lord! I hope you are taking it easy and feeling better. I must admit - your style of telling this story did make me chuckle!

carrie*postma said...

i came across your blog from the CWOblogroll...oh my goodness! How's your wrist? hope it's healing up okay!

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