Lean On Me...

This past weekend we went to Atlanta again to spend the weekend with Mom. It was very difficult. It was so hard to believe that just one week ago we were having the funeral and burial for Dad. Each day the tears continue to flow and my mind is having a difficult time processing the fact that he's gone. I pass by their room, and out of habit, look in expecting to see him in the bed. He's not there, but my mind quickly brushes away any thought of him being gone. It seems so final and I'm having a hard time accepting it. I do what I can to just function and get done each day what needs to be done. Please continue to pray for me and my family. Tomorrow is Dad's birthday. He would have been 79. I know it's going to be a hard day for all of us.

On the way home from Atlanta, a song came on the radio that I hadn't heard in a long time... it's called "Lean On Me" with Kirk Franklin and Crystal Lewis. As I listened to the song, tears began to stream down my cheeks. I've been so overwhelmed by the cards, emails, text messages and phone calls I've received from friends. I can't even begin to express how much each one means to me, but this song touched my heart because of the love my friends have shown me.

Here are some of the words...

There's a man
Standing on the corner
He has no home
He has no food
And his blue skies are gone
Can't you hear him cryin' out

And there's a girl
Searching for a father and a friend
Praying that the storm someday will end
But instead of walking away
Open up your heart and say

I am here
You don't have to worry
I can see your tears
I'll be there in a hurry when you call
Friends are there to catch you when you fall
Here's my shoulder you can lean on me

Thank you, my friends, for your continuous love and support. Thank you for being there and for listening to me cry a million times over. I love you and am so blessed to call you friends!

4 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

Well, I just sent you a text message and checked your blog...and there's the card. WOW! Talk about sharing a brain! That humbles me and makes me smile...BIG TIME. I love it and it made my eyes water just to see it. I knew what you were saying. I LOVED our chat last night and trust there will be many more to come. My heart just feels better after I talk to you right now...well, always...but especially right now. You are SO not alone in any of this Tracey. I'm just glad you are getting so much support, no matter if it is from me or anyone else. When you ARE a blessing, you get blessings back in return. Thanks for being YOU and for letting us support you!

Know that you are loved, my friend. We will chat again VERY soon...even if I have to track you down! :-)

RealEstateGirl said...

I sent you a text message right back chicky...did you get it? If not, I'm going to quit texting you!

Di-dan said...

Got it and sent you another one!

puddins said...

Dearest Tracey........

My heart hurts so much for you. I'm so glad you have your blog, and I'm thankful that you're using it to pour out your heart. Talking, even if to yourself as you type, is healing.

God bless you, dear one, as you process hard truth and harsh reality on a daily basis, and may His grace and mercy become a cloak you wear moment by moment.

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