Wealth or Health...which would you choose?

Yesterday I worked with a former boss of mine on an inventory. He owns a company that goes around to businesses, churches, houses, etc. and takes inventory (both photographic inventory and dictated inventory) of items for insurances purposes. He called me last week and said he had a large job that he needed my help on. Turns out the job was on the daughter's house of a major developer in town. House...did I say house? I meant mansion. This place was unbelievable. Tucked away on several acres behind an electronic fence on the east side of town are two of the most incredible homes I've ever seen. As we drove the long driveway with Greek and Italian influences scattered about (columns, statues, etc.), I was thinking to myself, "man, this is the life!" Then we approached an enormous stucco home that looked like an Italian palace and off in the distance was an even larger home (her father's) that looked like the Parthenon in Greece (pre-ruin, that is!). We unloaded our equipment and were greeted by a mid-40's petite blonde in her robe, very unassuming. If I had seen this woman out somewhere, I never would have imagined she's as wealthy as she is. The inside of this place was even more breathtaking than the outside. Seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, formal dining, formal living, piano room, den, study, etc. It was impeccably decorated, large crystal chandeliers, tables, artwork, pieces of furniture that actually looked like they came from a palace. We did our walk-thru as she described pieces that were of extreme value that she wanted us to make sure we noted, then she was off to make crab cakes out of the fresh crab her father just brought back from the gulf.
I began working. I type in the items into this program on the laptop while my "boss" takes the photographs and then we photo-link them. I was texting things like a $12,000 dining room table that was recently purchased, $40,000 for an exquisite Italian console table, fine China worth $1200 a plate and she had a place setting for 10, silver, crystal, oils on canvas, the list went on and on. In my mind I was thinking, wow, what she paid for that would pay off this bill for us, or take care of the balance on Zack's car, etc. This woman is surrounded by money everywhere you look. Dripping with wealth beyond imagination. I kept thinking, what would one worry about if it weren't for money troubles? But you see, she recently found out she has colon cancer. Mid 40's, went to the doctor for what she thought were hemorroids and found out she had a large tumor in her colon and had to go through extensive surgery, radiation and today is her second treatment of chemotherapy. Here is a woman who seems to have everything anyone could ever want...but her health. She is facing 8 more chemotherapy treatments and she was describing to me how she felt after the first treatment.
A petite blonde, mid-40's, five children with the oldest being 21, living in the lap of luxury, but suffering with her health. I fell apart when I got home. Thanking God for my health, but also troubled with financial problems...living life paycheck-to-paycheck like so many of us do, and thinking just a handfull of her items could pay off everything we own. If I'm honest, I'd have to admit that I kept questioning throughout the day and last night what was worth more to me, being financially set or my health. That's a tough question when you're going through tough times.
But today is a new day. I awoke to a day of promises that my God will supply all my need according to His riches. I am not facing chemotherapy this morning. But I realize that my tendency to worry and my lack of faith can spread like a cancer that diminishes my joy in Christ. "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." Romans 12:11.

2 sweet friends had to say...:

Di-dan said...

It truly is scary to think that one doctor's appointment can change everything and make you re-prioritize life in a major way. I really try not to, but I know that I take a lot for granted...even simple things. Thanks for this reminder!

Cantini #3 said...

Appreciate your honesty on this one. It's hard sometimes to find the things to be thankful for, but God usually has a way of showing us something that we need to see.

Today we heard about a 6 month old that had a stroke when he was in the womb. Can you image that? They thought he had cerebal palsy, but he doesn't. They have no idea what this means for the rest of the kid's life. But it won't be normal in any way. Always something to be thankful for.

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