The silence was deafening...

As I think back on the events of September 11, 2001, the emotion is all too real, it seems as if it just happened yesterday. I've been watching the History Channel today and still cannot avoid that sick feeling in my stomach every time I see the Twin Towers fall. People say you will never forget where you were when it happened and I believe that to be true. I can remember so vividly in my mind watching the Today show while Gary was getting ready for work. I remember the feelings of disbelief when they were showing the first tower that had been hit, and then watching the horror unfold as that second plane came into the camera shot and blasted through the second tower. I called for Gary to come quickly and watch what had just happened. I remember feeling so uncertain and fearful as the morning progressed. The third plane that hit the Pentagon, the fourth plane that went down in Shanksville, PA. I was very upset and frightened. I mean, I didn't think anything was going to happen in our area, but I remember being afraid to leave the house and staying glued to the television with a box of tissue in hand. The fear was more of the country I knew and was raising my child in, was coming to an end. That day changed America. We no longer felt safe within our own borders. How could something like this happen? It seemed almost surreal. My thoughts and prayers are with the family members that lost loved ones on this day. So many lost their lives. Children, that boarded a plane with their teacher, full of excitement and anticipation for a cross-country field trip. Men and women just going to work, leaving behind families that they expected to see at dinnertime. Firefighters and police officers, that run into a building while others are running out...just doing their job, but with a resolve and courage so innate, they know no other way.

We went to New York in December of 2002. It has become one of our most favorite places to visit during the holidays and we've returned several times. I remember the first time we went, the hustle and bustle of activity which seemed to go around the clock. The bright lights of Times Square, the horns of taxi cab drivers, a flurry of constant activity and noise. Then I remember getting off the subway at Ground Zero, climbing the steps up to the street level and hearing absolutely nothing. It was silent. People were milling about looking at memorials, paying their respects, taking photos, but everyone was silent. It was an eery feeling, but a very emotional one as well. Even the trucks and the workers at the bottom of the "hole" seemed to be quietly at work. (I'm going to try to post some photos we took on our first visit, if it will let me). We also walked down the block to St. Paul's church, where the rescue workers would sleep and eat. The memorials there are beyond description. If you have the opportunity, I would recommend making the trip and visiting both of these sites. It renews the sense of pride and patriotism, along with a greater resolve to see those responsible brought to justice for this horrific terrorist act. I wonder about all those complaining about the war, and if they would have the same feelings if they lost loved ones on that day.

As we wake up tomorrow and continue with our busy schedules and responsibilities, let's not forget those that are still suffering from their loss. Let's don't wait until the next anniversary of 9-ll to breathe a prayer for the families left behind of all the victims and rescue workers. And remember to pray for our president, George W. Bush. God Bless America!

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Di-dan said...

You are right Tracey, it is still VERY hard to believe all that happened and it does still seem all too it just happened. I've been consumed with it today too. I even took part of the day off and came home to watch today's recaps, coverage and commentaries myself. I was so proud of President Bush and Laura at each place they visited, but especially as they greeted the people at the Pentagon. He was just so 'into' greeting the people there..talking to them, hugging them, shaking their hands...just entering into their lives, their emotions, their grief. I even saw him wipe his eyes a couple of times. I love that he has such compassion for people and I do believe him to be a sweet man. I can't imagine carrying the weight that he's had on him since all this began, and I agree with you...I wonder what all his critics would say if they had lost friends or family that day. I did hear one thing that really struck me today in that the children who were babies, toddlers or preschoolers that day are now old enough to ask what happened to their mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. WOW! Time passes so quickly for us, and it seems such a short time ago that this happened, but in the meantime, these kids have grown up enough to ask these questions. It is both sad and sobering to think that this is the only world they have ever known. Knowing the childhood and fun I had, I just can't imagine having or being a child in today's world.

Thanks for this blog. You have a gift for writing, no doubt.

Jennifer said...

I'll never forget that day, either. But because I was at Bible Study, I didn't see any coverage until several hours after it had happened. So, this morning I watched FoxNews as they played back some of the live coverage from that day. Unbelievable! I was glued to my TV...captivated by what transpired that fateful day.

This day holds a bit of a different meaning for me as...once I learned of the attacks, I knew Joe would be leaving. I knew he would be re-activated to help fight the war. Sure enough, almost exactly 30 days later, his new unit was told they would be taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom. The Monday after Thanksgiving, Joe boarded a plane for Italy, where he served for 20 months.

I am so glad, though that God placed Mr. Bush into the office of President when He did. What a man of faith...honor....and integrity. He is God's man, for sure.

Cantini #3 said...

It seems like this just happened 5 days ago, not 5 years ago. It is still so real. Imagine how those who lost loved ones feel? I can't even begin to imagine. I'm glad that I don't have to. Just thankful for my family and friends.

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