Blind...but not mute

About two years ago, there was an older gentleman who worked in our local post office named Sam. I affectionately (sorta) referred to him as "Postal Sam" whenever I would discuss him with my hubby after visits to the post office. Postal Sam was not a very friendly man. He seemed irritated with the mere thought of even having to wait on customers. Plus, he always had this white puss-like stuff in the corners of his mouth that just repulsed me. I would stand anxiously awaiting my turn in the slow moving line, praying for some other ever-so-friendly postal employee so as not to get Postal Sam. Without fail, I always would end up across the counter from Postal Sam.

As he would bark out "what can I do for you?" I found myself concentrating on the mysterious substance in the corners of his mouth. I came home complaining and told Gary how grossed out I was by his mouth and what an ornery old man he was, blah, blah, blah. And can I just tell you... hand on the Bible...the next morning I woke up with sores in each corner of my mouth? I had NEVER had this problem before and with gleeful delight, my hubby said, "that's what you get for talking about him!"

You would think I learned my lesson.

When my hubby turned 50, I began to notice he would hold things at arm's length to read them. I began to relentlessly tease and torture him...especially when he had to give in and get glasses! To which he quickly replied, "your day is coming!"

"HA! I have a long way to go before I reach 50 mister!"

A few months ago I turned 42. Overnight my perfect vision vanished! "How can this be? I'm only 42!" I said to myself. Gone are the days of reading medicine bottle labels, grocery labels, mail, any kind of directions or instructions, without holding them out as far as my arm will reach.

Lately, I've resorted to putting on my hubby's glasses--the very ones over which I tortured him.

So, have I learned my lesson? Hmmmm....maybe mute wouldn't be such a bad thing.

6 sweet friends had to say...:

justabeachkat said...

You are too funny! I've definitely learned my lesson...never EVER say never. LOL


Tonja said...

I feel your pain! Of all the things that come with aging...the loss of close vision has been the worse for me. I have always worn glasses and that's no big deal...but adding that to the mix was just too much!

Gary said...

I'll stop by cvs and get you a pair of your own. Love you!

Jillian, Inc said...

I am laughing WITH you, my friend. Just don't go around saying anything bad about BALD people.

Musicaljean said...

Isn't that the way it goes? It's so easy to look down our noses or become irritated by people and their issues until we end up walking those shoes ourselves.

Jill's comment cracks me up!! And Gary's.

Oh, Tracey, it's so nice to read your blog again.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Tracey, glad to see you around again! Hope you are doing well too. Me, just busy as always.

Oh how funny about the vision thing. Mine hit me about age 46, I remember it well. My hubby didn't know about reading glasses until we got married & he tried mine out. Now he's hooked too! Of course, he teases me relentlessly about AARP, of which I receive a TON of mail from. He's turning 50 next year & I told him his day is coming too. Can't wait to wave that first AARP envelope in front of his nose, Ha!

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