True Colors

So a week has passed by since I last blogged...and I was doing so good there for a while! It's been an extremely busy week. Zack made it back from Washington, D.C. safely...and just in time! They've had quite a bit of snow in the past couple of days. He was glad to get back to temps in the 80's! But, now he's fighting a bad sore throat and cough--probably from over exhaustion and also the extreme cold, but he'll be alright.

It's been quite interesting to see and hear how passionate some people are about politics. Honestly, I really don't care that much about politics. It's only been in the last year or two that I've really thought [much more than a minute] about my views on certain issues. I can't imagine though, that even if I really cared about politics, that someone's political views would cause me to sever a friendship.

Unfortunately, I've experienced that this past week. I had a childhood friend that I've known since the 5th grade "un-friend" me on Facebook because, as he put it, "I had to take a break, you were going way over the top with all the 'O' entries."

I was stunned.

I looked back at all my status updates and over a week's time, I only used the "O" word (he makes it sound like a 'dirty word') ONE time and that was when I made reference to Zack attending the staff ball and the Bidens and Obamas showing up. I was excited for Zack and the opportunity he had to witness history personally and made comments on my status regarding his travel, what he was doing that day, etc. NO political 'stands' or comments whatsoever! BUT even if I did share my political views on my facebook status every moment of the day, is that seriously something to sever a friendship over? Wow. I just know that my relationships mean so much more to me than that.

I really don't know why I'm that upset over it. I mean, we were elementary, jr. high and high school friends. We even went to prom together (as friends) cause neither of us was dating anyone. But, we haven't really kept in touch that much since high school. I guess it's more the shock of it over such a ridiculous thing that stunned me so much.

And disappointment too--Christians that choose to act like this. The past few months I've really been struggling with Christians that claim to love, but the reality is that it's conditional love---Christians that make racist comments throughout the week and then proudly hold their heads high on Sundays---Christians who don't think the "brother's keeper" applies to them. Christians that will pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to quote and which parts they choose to disregard.

I love to read and re-read the Sermon on the Mount in the book of Matthew...and Romans 13 really is applicable no matter what your political views are. I just think that as Christians, we should show kindness and love to everyone we encounter---not just those who agree with us.

A Night to Remember!

Zack attended the Staff Ball last night in Washington, D.C. and had a blast! He was texting me all night and sending me pictures via text messages and even some video messages. Here's just a snippet of some of the hundreds of pictures he took. Hopefully, when he gets back to school, he will upload all of them and I can share the link with you! (Please pray for his safety as he travels back to Orlando tomorrow!)

A little something sweet...

I just love decorating cupcakes and thought I would make some tonight in honor of tomorrow's inauguration celebration! I made several different designs to share with my co-workers. There's something for everyone in red velvet or chocolate fudge!
Check out the concentration...
Move over Martha Stewart!
Something for everyone...

Knightro says, "Mommy! I want some too!"

Up on the hill...

This is the only photo I have so far. Here's Zack in front of the Capitol today. They have been going non-stop since he arrived in D.C. yesterday evening! Last night he went to a New Hampshire campaign dinner, this afternoon he attended the 'We Are One' concert at the Lincoln Memorial and tonight he's headed to a Florida campaign dinner. He is having the time of his life, in spite of the cold temps!

The eagle is in the nest...

I heard from Zack all along his route and they made it to D.C. about 8:00 p.m. eastern time. He said it's 'ridiculously cold' but he doesn't care! The friends he's staying with have a place on Constitution not far from the capitol, so they'll be able to just walk everywhere. He's super excited about visiting all the monuments and the Smithsonian. He's been to D.C. numerous times, but it means so much more to him now that he's older and cares more about American history and politics. Please continue to pray for his safety while in D.C. I will post updates!

On another note, congrats to my friend Jean! Her son, Anthony and his wife, Lori, welcomed their first baby into the world last night! Go here to see pics of precious Austin and congratulate Jean on this new blessing to their family!

History in the making...

This morning I awoke an anxious mother because Zack left very early to drive to Washington, D.C. It's about a 13-14 hour trip from Orlando to D.C. and he's never taken that long of a trip before! I am glad that at least he's not alone. His friend, Lauren, who was an area organizer in Florida for the Obama campaign, got them tickets to the inauguration and also tickets to an inaugural ball. He has been so excited! He's been counting down the days since Christmas!

Regardless of political views, I believe everyone is aware of what a history-making moment this is in our country! I am so thrilled that Zack has the opportunity to witness it in person! Please pray for his safety today as he travels. I will post updates!

Blind...but not mute

About two years ago, there was an older gentleman who worked in our local post office named Sam. I affectionately (sorta) referred to him as "Postal Sam" whenever I would discuss him with my hubby after visits to the post office. Postal Sam was not a very friendly man. He seemed irritated with the mere thought of even having to wait on customers. Plus, he always had this white puss-like stuff in the corners of his mouth that just repulsed me. I would stand anxiously awaiting my turn in the slow moving line, praying for some other ever-so-friendly postal employee so as not to get Postal Sam. Without fail, I always would end up across the counter from Postal Sam.

As he would bark out "what can I do for you?" I found myself concentrating on the mysterious substance in the corners of his mouth. I came home complaining and told Gary how grossed out I was by his mouth and what an ornery old man he was, blah, blah, blah. And can I just tell you... hand on the Bible...the next morning I woke up with sores in each corner of my mouth? I had NEVER had this problem before and with gleeful delight, my hubby said, "that's what you get for talking about him!"

You would think I learned my lesson.

When my hubby turned 50, I began to notice he would hold things at arm's length to read them. I began to relentlessly tease and torture him...especially when he had to give in and get glasses! To which he quickly replied, "your day is coming!"

"HA! I have a long way to go before I reach 50 mister!"

A few months ago I turned 42. Overnight my perfect vision vanished! "How can this be? I'm only 42!" I said to myself. Gone are the days of reading medicine bottle labels, grocery labels, mail, any kind of directions or instructions, without holding them out as far as my arm will reach.

Lately, I've resorted to putting on my hubby's glasses--the very ones over which I tortured him.

So, have I learned my lesson? Hmmmm....maybe mute wouldn't be such a bad thing.

It's all about who you know!

So, you stopped back by! Can you believe I'm posting again?! I just had to log on and give "props" to my friend, Lindsey for my blog re-design. She teaches computer at our school and also is in charge of the Yearbook. That girl has more talent in her little finger than I will ever have my whole life! It's amazing what she can do...and in such a short time! I'll say something like this, "I'm thinking about a new look for my blog" and with the likes of Jeannie or Samantha, she will give a twitch of her nose or a bob of her head and voila! A whole new look! (That's Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie" and Samantha from "Bewitched"---she's too young to know that!)

Today she was trying to show me how to do some things in Photoshop and after about the 3rd step, I was completely lost! But it's all long as I have Lindsey around...she is my go-to girl in all things design!

Stop on by and introduce yourself to her! I promise it will be worth your while! The girl talks faster than anyone I know and her blog is absolutely precious!

Thanks Lindsey! You're the best! to a running start!

Happy New Year! Let me introduce name is Tracey and I'm a slack blogger. I know, I've been horrible at blogging ever since Zack went off to school...which is weird, because you would think I would be blogging more often since I have more time on my hands. Unexplainable. Other than maybe my blogs would look like this.

I woke up.
I went to work.
I came home.
I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner.
I went to bed.

Woah, Nellie! Exciting stuff, I know! Try to contain yourself! But, that really is the gist of my days lately. However, I did get a new puppy. Kinda sounds like I'm in the 1st grade class and we just got back from Christmas break and we're all reporting on what we did or what we got. My turn! My turn!

Anyway, the puppy keeps me busy. It's like having another baby---not sure I was quite ready for that. He's on a schedule...he eats, he poops, he sleeps...and then he does it all over again. Come to think of it, me and the dog have alot in common.

So welcome me back to the bloggy world. Kinda reminds me of that obnoxious Christmas song by the guy that wrote "Footloose"... anyway, the "Celebrate Me Home" song. Can I just tell you how irritated I get during the Christmas season when I hear that song playing on the radio?! Is he telling someone to celebrate him coming home? Is he telling someone to celebrate his maybe in Pirate language...ahoy mateys! celebrate 'me' (my) home! Regardless of the meaning, I hate it...double hate...loathe that song.

I digress.

So, in the spirit of hospitality, I'll welcome YOU back to my blog. Come back often, I'll do my best to be here!
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